Jessica Szohr: Teen Vogue Cover Girl

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Jessica Szohr appears on the cover of February's Teen Vogue.

The actress is often the target of scorn from Gossip Girl fans, if only because her character, Vanessa, is probably the third-year show's least popular.

That's putting it politely.

She also breaks the hearts of many teenage girls by being co-star Ed Westwick's real-life girlfriend. The cuties have been dating for about a year now.

Jessica says it's a challenge, since they were best friends first.

"It can be a little awkward when all of a sudden [you have feelings for] a friend; someone you'd call to talk about a different boyfriend," she confesses.

"But there wasn't a lot of thinking and talking. It kind of just happened. We had fun together, and we were like, 'All right, let's see where this goes.'"

Teen Vogue Cover Girl

Jessica Szohr looks lovely on the cover of Teen Vogue.

Ed Westwick is a "really rad guy," the Gossip Girl star adds. "He's awesome, smart and talented and adorable, and we make each other laugh."

They don't have Valentine's Day plans yet - last year they went to Jamaica with Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan - but they'll have fun regardless.

"We go to dinners, have nights by ourselves and fun romantic times in general," she says. "And a lot of times I like just cuddling up on the couch."

Aww. Ed is a cuddler, who knew?

Jessica says going out in public with Ed can be difficult because of his distinct, recognizable appearance. "That's Chuck Bass!" is frequently heard.

As for Szohr, she often hears from people on the street that she "looks a lot like Vanessa from Gossip Girl." LOL. Her response? "Yeah, I get that."

Follow the link for her full interview with Teen Vogue, and check out some more of the pretty photos of the 24-year-old actress right here ...

Szohr Sexiness
J to the S
Cute Red Dress
A Szohr Beauty
A Jessica and Ed Pic

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Ugh.... Just get over the fact that there will be ppl who like certain ppl on the show. either u like them or not. Personal i cant stand Vanessa, but i think Jessica is really pretty. idk how Leighton got mixed into this but like someone was saying this page is about Jessica. As for the ed thing... truthfully i didnt really care who Vanessa/Jessica was until i found out she goes out with Ed. i feel like this page is her page to shine. SOOOO dont mess it up by adding other GG char. into it. Chair ALL THE WAY!


jess is not the best actress like leighton greatness but she is a good one imo. she is not a hypocrite for changing her eating habits either people do that shit all the time. i wouldn't effing touch fish until my mother's boyfriend made one and bullied me into eating it and so I was hooked. it's a eating habit not some big life issue. as for the leighton bashing leigh fans brought her up first. technically anyone who bashes are idiotic and need a life. why come to jessica's photos and bash her? people make no sense. Jess has also gotten covers before dating ed and she gotten covers involving something separate from when they began dating. and again leighton and ed are not going to happen! STFU about it already!

Avatar, whichever twitter account you're talking about is fake.


I am guilty of bashing Vanessa. I am guilty of hating Jessica because of who she's with (because, like any other girl who is in love with Ed, I'd rather him be mine, or, with anyone but Jessica). The fact of the matter is she's not bad looking (they made her look really skinny with that angle though), but she's definetly not a good actress (in my opinion). Other than that, I don't know what kind of person she is, none of us do. I wish girls in general, even non celebs like you and me, would stop making their boyfriends their entire world. We are not our other half, we are our own, independent women, ladies! I don't really want to hear about her and Ed "cuddling," keep that to yourself, honey. Blake and Penn may be "boring," but you don't hear about them doing much more than SOME canoodling and LIGHT PDA. They are classy. I saw a picture of Jess and Ed grab assing each other in an alleyway. Yeah, classy, you two. I respect that they chose to be together (much to a lot of people's dismay), but I wish it wasn't used as such a publicity thing. I am having trouble seperating Vanessa from Jessica even as I write this. However, I think Jess' Lucky cover was more flattering.


Why must people be so mean? She looks lovely. Beautiful. To call the entire cast anything but attractive would just be a downright lie. And to be honest, she's kind of played one of the most boring characters on television (though I do like Vanessa) and I think she might be a talented actress, if only they would give her character a little more to work with other than her competition for men and freshman toasts. and i'm loving the boots.


@ a2
i agree,
seriously people just because C&B have this amazing chemistry and there so much in love doesnt mean that E&L will.
im not saying that you cant pray,wish or dream for ed and leighton to be a couple.
but at this point in time ed is dating jess and they seem very happy together (just my opinion)
so dont go hating jessica for getting in the way of your fantasy


jessica & blake recently deleted their personal twitters over this christmas period. for what reason i do not know.
taylor has only recently made a twitter and it is @taylormomsen01
ed and chace hardly ever log on but their's are:
@TheChaceCrawfor & @EdWestwickk chace's name is to long therefore no D and eds does infact have 2 k's ( L ) portia

Charlotte waldorf

Oh,and about other comments that include Leighton...I really don't get why everything must be a competition between Leighton,Blake,Taylor and Jessica.Who is the best dressed? Who is the more down to earth or anything...One has to be better than the other all the time.And if Jessica looks stunning Leighton's and/or Blake's fans can't accept it,and than Jessica's fans take the oportunity to bash the actresses.I don't like to generalize,I know is not always like that. But it's really tiring you see a post of one of them and then see comments about the other with only purpose of criticize and nothing else.


Those people who want leighton an Ed to get together in real life, PLEASE WAKE UP for fucks sakes!

Charlotte waldorf

First of all,Jessica is gorgeous and seems lovely,and this cover is really pretty *-*
But,saying that Jessica Szhor is an amazing actress is a bit too much...Actually,she is not the worst that I ever seen in GG,because the dude that played Scott couldn't be worst. Anyway...
What I don't like about Jessica's interviews: It's all about Ed. Every interview she gives is about him,and before that was about how "hot" would be if Chuck and Vanessa got together,and before that...Well,Jessica Szohr didn't give much interviews.
So yeah,it's sad to see that her relationship with her co-star is all that she can talk about,while couples like Penn and Blake that have been dating for like 2 years or more,don't even bother to pimp their relationship like that,and their characters even had a romance on-screen so would make sense. Still,they keep it private.
I hope next time I see her in any interview she can have something more to say than "Oh,Ed is a cuddler!" or how 'orgasmic' is his burger or - God help us!- how 'hot' would be Vanessa and Chuck together [and some here saying that just fans don't know the difference between fiction and reality].


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