Julia Barr: Returning to All My Children!

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After a beloved three-decade long run as Brooke English on All My Children, Julia Barr left the show after an ugly contract dispute 2006.

So you can imagine the surprise of fans when they heard the following news: the actress will appear on the show's 40th anniversay episodes, which air on January 4 and 5.

Other former stars returning for the occasion will be: Kelly Ripa (Hayley), Mark Consuelos (Mateo), Eva LaRue (Maria), Taylor Miller (Nina) and Laurence Lau (Greg). But all eyes will be on Barr.

She spoke to TV Guide Magazine about the comeback in a recent interview. A couple of excerpts follow...

On her original exit: It was not an appropriate way to go. After being on the show for so long the character needed some kind of closure and so did the fans. For whatever reason that didn’t happen. Now, hopefully, it will.

On her return: This is to the show’s credit. It’s a good, lovely, positive thing. I truly appreciate the cast and crew I worked with... for the greater part of the 30 years, I had an incredible time and that was due to so much to the people around me.

Julia Barr
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I have been a constant vewier of All My Children since 1975 and have loved the fine family's of Pine Valley which could be mine every day at 1p.m.Pine Valley was now mine at the switch of a dial and a source of comfort and love that I could always rely on. I went through some the same triumph and tragidies. Now years later I have a wonderful family,husband(#2) children (2 now grown) My very favorite characters have been of course Erica she is the show! Brooke English would be a Great come back!!! I LOVE Tad,Opal Of course Adam,Jesse and Angie! Oldies I love are Natalie(Janet from another planet)And again Brooke and where isTom Cudehey.And what about Jeremy Or Mike to come back to Erica! Arn't they all possibilies (We are all aware Ryan is only short term for Erica it's endearing but not realistic. These would be great come backs!!! I think Agnes Nixon is a genius. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE "ALL MY CHILDREN"

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