Life Unexpected Recap: "Pilot"

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Sometimes, it pays to be a TV Fanatic.

Our staff has received an advanced copy of the pilot episode of Life Unexpected. Follow the preceding link for a recap of the first installment.

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The series premieres on The CW on Monday January 18, 2010 at 9 p.m. It's receiving great reviews and now we officially know why!

Check out our recap of the episode and let us know what you think. One thing is for sure: Dawson's Creek and Rosewell fans will not be disappointed!


Wow, I'm so excited about this show!!!
Dawson's Creek and Roswell were definitely my favourite tv programmes on my teen days. I hadn't followed a show since then (week after week, I mean) so, I'm pretty grateful to have this on tv, more with the reviews I've read.

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Life Unexpected Quotes

My dad said to do what I love and I love to drink for free.


You both can't be parents, you both need parents!