Nurse Jackie Says Bye Bye to Mo-Mo

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Showtime has set a return date for Nurse Jackie (March 22) and named a couple big-time guest stars, including Harvey Fierstein.

Those announcements make us happy. This one does not:

The series has dropped Mohammed “Mo-Mo” De La Cruz as a regular. The gay nurse, played by Haaz Sleiman, won't return at all in season two.


Michael Ausiello spoke to a Showtime source that confirmed the departure, while a rep for Sleiman said producers felt “the character’s storyline ran its course... We were surprised. It came out of left field.”

We'll miss Mo-Mo's sass and advice for Jackie. Will you?

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I loved the character of MoMo, I will greatly miss him. I think that the show will be poorer for his absense.


Bad choice bring him back.


We loved the character of MoMo. The chemistry between him and Jackie was palpable. He had that extra special something that gave "umpf" to Jackie's vulnerability. Jackie and MoMo seemed to be on equal, firm footing as in-charge nurses. Please, please, PLEASE bring MoMo back!!! His storyline had not played out. There was so much more that could have been done. Need a scriptwriter for his return. Call me.


"run his storyline" WHA??? All of these characters are transforming, he could have had a really dynamic change of storyline: sister dumps her kids on him, gets a new boyfriend, intervenes in the whole Eddie/Jackie mess. Too bad he's gone, I really liked him and what he brought to the show... not to mention his richer skin tone to which I could relate and for which I lusted.




im so pissed about mohammed not being on the show anymore! he added a charecter that was sweet and gentle, was a good friend and cared about his patients. also he was funny and was, frankly, one of the best parts of the show. i also think that the way he was let go, without a word, was very cheap! i think you just took out a really great charecter for no reason. a charecter that i dont really think you can afford to lose with a story that is really lacking so far. i understand everything thats going on. what i dont understand is jackis's absolute and compleate lack of any remorse for,A the drug use, and B cheating on her wonderful husband and compleatly denying her whole family! i dont get it?


I miss Mo MO already. The new guy is cute, though.


I think it's a wrong decision to take out Momo. He had dynamics which would have evolved the whole cast. :(