Peter and Claire to "Sort of Bond" on Heroes

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Because Heroes is currently filming its final episode of season four, creator Tim Kring can say with "complete clarity" that Adrian Pasdar won't return to the series.

The actor's character leaped to his death on "The Fifth Stage," the final Heroes installment of 2009.

“We started discussing it at the end of last season, when we actually killed the character,” Kring told in an interview, “so it really just became a matter of how and when.”

Brothers Forever

Nathan might be gone, but his relatives Peter and Claire remain. How will his death impact their relationship?

“They are able to sort of bond over the loss of their brother and father,” Kring said. “So you will see those stories start to collide.”

When Heroes returns - with a two-hour episode on January 4; and then at 9 p.m. on Mondays, following Chuck, beginning on January 11 - Samuel’s seemingly sinister plan will “crank up and build to a crescendo,” Kring added. We'll be interested to see what that entails.

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Neon glo

Yeah, I'm happy even to know we have a few hours left of the show. As for Claire & Peter bonding over their loss; I'd love to see them take it out on Sylar. I love that psychopath, but I also love seeing him get his evil behind kicked. I also want Sylar or Hiro or anyone to take out Samuel. I hate that guy.


I am actually Excited about this!!!!


I don't think many people are doing a good job of clarifying this, but Heroes will be returning on January 4th with a two hour episode, then switching to its original time slot on January 11th.

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