Share Your Gossip Girl Christmas Wishes!

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Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we're grateful for you visiting Gossip Girl Insider all year long, and wish you the happiest of holidays.

We hope you have an enjoyable day, and that you got everything you hoped for in your stocking. Which got our staff members thinking ...

Here's an open-ended, holiday-themed question:

If you had one Gossip Girl wish (big or small, jokingly or very seriously) what would it be? Leave a comment below and share with us!

You Go Down!

ROMAN HOLIDAY: The holidays bring out the best in us ... usually.

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i wish... the producers would film an episode of gossip girl just like the prequel book!

S but not serena

OH and.. Valley Girls to be a series, I love Owen I wanna see what happens ^_^

S but not serena

It's January, but GG xmas wishes can come late, it doesn't start again til March :(
More INTERESTING Chair scenes. They are by far my favourite fictional couple, ever. (:
To be Blair Waldorf, the character not Leighton (not that I wouldn't kill to be her xD). Because face it, she has everything xD. Chuck, the looks, the money, the clothes, the apartment, the intelligence, the wit, the awesomeness, Chuck, the cunning, the evil, the sex appeal, Chuck, Chuck oh and CHUCK.. xD
For GG to come back NOW. and let me watch season three on a TV over here in England, I don't have ITV 2 and MTV is only showing series one atm which I have on box set. Am having to watch them all online >.<
And if I can't be blair
Please let me be born again in the upper east side of Manhattan, rich, beautiful, have this life.. :/
OH AND FOR VANESSA TO JUST MARRY DAN. Well.. not marry, but for gods sake, its boring xD
And series one and twos writers to come back, it's not the same gossip girl anymore :( not that I don't adore it..
And series one Jenny, she lost her cute, colourful, natural beauty look.. now she's just a RACOON..


Even though Chuck and Blair's relationship is a little complicated, (and what healthy relationship isn't), I wish for them to never break up. Under his "I-don't-need-anybody" exterior, Chuck really does love Blair and she loves him, too, more than she ever loved Nate.


CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR!!! That's all I want. :)


I would wish for all of Blair's headbands and Chuck to be mine...that would make my Christmas :)


WOW... x-mas is way past BUT i still wish for sum Chair babies lol.


I would LOVE to watch Gossip Girl Season 3! No, I would love to have the disc set!!! :D And to meet Leighton and the GG cast! :D


lmaooo this is one of my fave episodes! blair waldorf fave character


yessss for more Chair scenes and GG movie but without the irritating people like Vanessa and Jenny! Only Chair and Serenate in the movie (mostly)and the story should happen fast forward where both couples are already married (I assume they will get married at the end of the show) and both S and B are expecting at about the same time, that would be cute!! Then S will give birth to a baby boy and B gives birth to a baby girl :)


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