Share Your Gossip Girl Christmas Wishes!

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Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we're grateful for you visiting Gossip Girl Insider all year long, and wish you the happiest of holidays.

We hope you have an enjoyable day, and that you got everything you hoped for in your stocking. Which got our staff members thinking ...

Here's an open-ended, holiday-themed question:

If you had one Gossip Girl wish (big or small, jokingly or very seriously) what would it be? Leave a comment below and share with us!

You Go Down!

ROMAN HOLIDAY: The holidays bring out the best in us ... usually.

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more gossip girl seasons gossip girl movies and the best wish is chu.... chuck bass


Oh and also a Gossip Girl Movie :)


More Chuck and blair scenes, but also to have Adam Sandler guest star, how funny would that be ? XD


I also want more CHAIR!!! Any kind of Chair action that doesn't involve their fighting or arguing or any bad thing happening :P I love them! It is so interesting how we love so much 2 characters that were kind of on the bad side for a long time... kiss


More Chuck and Blair hot, steamy, sizzling, scorching scenes. More seasons of Gossip Girl (hence more Chuck and Blair, married), and to see Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester starring opposite each other in movies.


* sorry mistake! @ Chair


@ Chair


To be Blair Waldorf for a week.


re: Stephanie Chuck and Blair do get to together in the books in the newest GG novel I Will Always Love You


N.Y.E Flashbacks. What can I say, I like Jack Bass!


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