Survivor Finale Review: Russell Should Have Won

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To the chagrin of many Survivor enthusiasts, Natalie White walked away with this season's grand prize.

How did TV Fanatic's loyal Survivor watcher feel about this development? Not great, but not as bothered as many other fans of the series. After watching Sunday night's finale, he wrote in with his take on the events:

Russell absolutely should have won. The people who take the game personally bother me. It really is JUST a game - but because it's so long and involves relationships, people treat it like real life. They can't distance themselves from it. 

I've always wanted someone to stand up there and say: "I lied, I cheated, I beat you and you should crown me the winner because of it." I've always felt the jury would reward someone for honesty. I think that on many other seasons, Russell would have won, but he got a very personal jury this time. 

However, I'm starting to think that Russell's perceived arrogance about his game is what did him in. 

Russell Hantz
Natalie White Picture

I have no problem with Natalie winning the title... except she kept trying to say she was involved with Russell and not entirely hiding behind him, which she was. 

As Jeff said, Natalie's approach to the game really is a valid way to play. As angry as people seem to get about her being in the final over others, the reality is that if she's there, her strategy was better than theirs.

To me, it just has to be an actual thought-out strategy, not circumstance.  I actually believe Mick was more of a coattail-rider than Natalie and his appearance in the final three was more circumstance than strategy. I would have lobbied for Natalie to be second behind Russell.

I'm so excited for the next season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

I freaking love the villains on Survivor and can't wait for an entire tribe of them. My quick thoughts on the cast for it:
  1. Anything to get more Boston Rob is always a good thing to me. 
  2. Anything to get more Russell is a good thing.
  3. There are some GREAT, bitter personalities on the Villain tribe. They just create for some classic moments. 
  4. There are some great Heroes out there (James Clement - one of my all-time favorites and also owner of one of the WORST played end games ever; country boy JT; a TRUE all-American, Tom Westman; and Amanda Kimmel).
  5. There are also some lame ones (Rupert - I'm over him; Cirie and Sugar annoyed the hell out of me).  The Villains always make for more interesting TV. 

The biggest head scratcher of all is Sandra Diaz-Twine.  She's neither a villain or a remotely interesting former contestant.  She's truly one of the last of the close to 200 survivors I'd want back again. 

But I'll be watching every second of it and, of course, report on the weekly happenings for TV Fanatic!

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My husband hates the Red Sox! But I'm sorry, I've always loved Boston Rob (and Amber). I don't see him as a "villain". Survivor has gotten easier over the years and as Rob said they didn't have flint when he played. You go, Rob! Even though, I think Russell should have won last time, I am rooting for Rob. I wish they were all one tribe and they all went against each other as individuals--no teams at all. I would have liked to have seen how Stephenie would have fared that way (and the rest of them--including Tom-a really good player as well as Cirie.) A future idea, Survivor producers.


omggg, go villannssss !


lol what the hell. sandra was not a "remotely interesting former contestant"? Lol are you serious? Go back and watch Pearl Islands. She, Burton and Rupert were the STARS of that season. Omg. better get it right before the season starts. because all i can say is that sandra will not be playing a minor role this coming season.


i found out russell lives just a coupla miles from folks graduated for the high school where his kids go..i cant wait to see him im the walmart or target store and give him a high five for being the baddest survivor player of all time..kick some booty villians, you are what makes the show a hit...


Boston Rob, Randy, Russell, Tyson and Coach on the same tribe? Does it get any better?

Steve marsi

Agreed, anything that means more Boston Rob, I am all for.