Taylor Momsen Wants to Be Taken Seriously

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While she's only 16, Taylor Momsen wants to be taken seriously. In a recent interview with Seventeen, the Gossip Girl star lamented how hard that is.

"I think people don't really take me seriously because I'm 16," Momsen said. "And they think most 16-year-olds don't know what they want to do."

The actress and model, who is also the lead singer of post-grudge band The Pretty Reckless, went on to assure fans that she knows what she is doing.

"I actually really do, because I've been thinking about it since I was two," she insists, although she admits feeling like a typical teen in some ways.

Taylor Momsen Seventeen Cover

Taylor Momsen, 16, on the cover of Seventeen.

"I am angsty," she said. "I'll be angsty until I'm 80. I think that keeps things fresh. But I always think angst is such a derogatory word toward teens."

"It just means you're figuring sh!t out, and I don't know why that's a negative thing," added the star who plays Gossip Girl bad girl Jenny Humphrey.

Taylor Momsen also denied reports that she is jealous of co-star Leighton Meester, whose songs, "Good Girls Go Bad" and "Somebody To Love," have been used on the show. Taylor's music has yet to be featured on the CW hit.

Never a dull moment for TM - on or off the set!

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I used to like Taylor at the beginning of her days as Little J but now she looks like a complete wannabe! Sorry Taylor, we can see through that veneer of yours that will not even last the years Courtney has been trying to get sober.


Wow. I actually hate her more than V.


Perez Hilton said Taylor was going to regret her interview with Seventeen (http://perezhilton.com/2009-12.... While I don't think "regret" is the right word, I do agree with him. I feel like Taylor has taken her character from Gossip Girl and translated Jenny into her own life. The hair, the clothes, the "raccoon makeup..." At first, I did not have a problem with this, experimentation is okay when you're young...hell, even when you're a little older. She's 16, she's figuring herself out. But along the way she's lost herself. Everything about her is different, even the way she sort of mumbles when she talks! She gives off that "I don't really give a shit" vibe, which is turning me off big time. She does not seem approachable or friendly, let alone grateful for her role on Gossip Girl. It's a whole new diva. Of course, this is just the vibe I'm getting from her, I don't claim to know who she or what her values are. Like Taylor said, she wants to "make a statement," and she's certainly done that. While I do not agree with her style choices all of the time (she tends to go the slutty route, when I think she's trying for sultry), I do commend her. She is causing controversy, she's making people take notice. Which is more than a lot of 16 year olds can manage. But I really do believe there is a contradiction, how she dresses and claims to be a "loner, workaholic" at the same time. Sweetie, you're not fooling anyone. Don't start doing drugs! Okay, okay. I take that back. Like I said before, I don't know her. Perhaps she's giving off that edgy exterior for a reason and really does work hard. That said, I still like Jenny.


taylor momsen needs better handlers and or least needs to be quizzed before she says dumb things. I remember being 16 and didn't involved wearing racoon make-up. Taylor may be going through wearing mommy's make-up something my mother let me start wearing make-up when I was 13 but being 16 felt no different than 15 just like turning 18 felt no different than 16. The difference between 16 is you can drive and the only different of being 18 is you can vote and go jail as an adult. Taylor needs to get over herself like someone said angst and serious do not go together in the same sentence.


just because she wears dark makeup doesn't mean she can't be taken seriously...god. doesn't anyone remember being 16? we all thought we ruled the world, and where "adult". she also has been brought up in a very different environment than most of us, you have to grow up faster when your a child star. i think taylor momsen is pretty fucking awsome!


If she really wants to be taken seriously, she should wear less makeup so she doesn't look like a raccoon!


My brother knew at 5 years old he wanted to be a geologist - and he's 31 and that's the only job he's ever done. BUT he was NOT a foul-mouthed, cocky, tactless bore when people asked him about it. I don't object to Taylor's certainty about her career - I object to the total lack of class with which she handles normal, if repetitive, questions from interviewers, and her inability to avoid cursing on the record. She's trying so hard to prove she's an adult, she reveals just how immature she still is.


we don't not take her seriously because she's 16, we don't take her seriously because she's annoyinggg

Joy waldass

I think what people find hard to believe is that she honestly wanted this when she was two. That seems a little ridicules. and Plus she loves being angsty and she wants to be taken serious. Two words that shouldn't bee allow to be in the same sentence. I get Taylor think that she has everything figure out, but she doesn't -- No one does.


wtf happened to her, she was so nice and happy. now she just seems like she is trying too hard! i know we all mature but really she is so fake! im her age and seriously what happened. and has anyone noticed her voice has gotten flatter sounding and it seems as if shes trying to make it that way purposely because her voice naturally is more high pitched. old interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


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