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It's sad but true: every primetime series is on hiatus until 2010. Before the calendar flips, though, let's take a look back.

So far, the TV Fanatic staff has reported on the season's ups and downs of The Vampire Diaries and 90210.

Up now: House.

Best Character: Dr. Robert Wilson. He may be television's overall MVP through haf a season. Always great for witty one-liners and unique insight into his BFF, House, Wilson has emerged this season as more of a main player. Heck, the drama dedicated its final episode in 2009 entire to the character.

It was one of our favorite hours of TV this season.

Gregory House Poster

Worst Character: Dr. Eric Foreman. Or, perhaps, we should say: Dr. Eric BOREman. Seriously, the character has barely evolved in over five years. He's still dead serious, still a watered down version of House. You'd think entering into a relationship with someone as gorgeous as Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) would bring out the sunnier, more enjoyable side of Foreman.

You'd be wrong. Foreman's only likable trait is his intelligence - but that doesn't separate him from anyone else on the show. It takes place in a hosptial, after all, where the most unusual medical cases on the planet are solved.

Best Storyline: Dibala's death. Cameron's exit, which was motivated by her husband's murder of African dictator Dibala, felt rushed. But the storyline itself lasted over a few episodes and accomplished something rare on House: it led to actual repercussions.

Too often, the show features a supposedly monumental event - Kutner's suicide, House's hospitalization - only to have the characters revert back to their usual form after just a couple weeks. That's okay. In the end, this is a procedural and its set-up with mostly remain the same. But the Dibala plot development was a welcome change from the series' usual format.

Grade so far: B.

Hopes for 2010: More Wilson; A new love interest for House; Thirteen topless; another appearance by Andre Braugher as Dr. Nolan.

What do you think, fans? Give the first half of House a grade and let us know which aspects of this review you agree and/or disagree with?

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Enjoying House season 6. Agree about the Dibala story line. Excellent concept and brave direction to have Chase acting on conscious. Would appreciate a fuller storyline concerning Dr. Lisa Cuddy and am hoping for the best of the Cuddy-centric Feb 8th episode. Enjoying the independent and loyal direction of Cuddy in her Lucas romance. Despised the House-Doormat angle that was prevalent for much of season 5. Lisa Edelstein' Cuddy is the best character equal in weight to Hugh Laurie's House character because of the interplay between these two characters. Sorry but the Wilson character is less interesting as the babysitter to the diagnostician. Bring on more Cuddy and have House be less abusive verbally to his boss and paramour. Gets very annoying to female viewers to put Cuddy in the role of defining herself by House's attitude. I know NO woman who allows that. Get realistic, guy-writers.


What A Great Year for house I love how when Camron left they did not kill her off like so many medical dramas have done (ER, Greys, 3rd Watch etc..) So this opens the door to bring her back.. I love the debala case Chase's character has really evolved very impressed. I also love that house is not a pill popper but would love to see more of him in the therapy sessions and more of him with Wilson.. they need to change wilson more and cuddy has really moved up I love how she is dating the PI from last season well done there also. House is one of the best medical dramas of the veterains Grey's has lost my interest with all the who is sleeping with who and is she gay or not.. ER is done.. Scrubs has changed and not always for the better but still a good watch.. Trauma & Three Rivers Cancelled.. House is still going strong Way to to FOX.. the only network doing something right in the medical show field

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