What Did You Think of "The Debarted"?

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The final episode of the calendar year just aired, featuring a blast from the past and a whole lot to look forward to in the future. What did you think?

In our opinion, tonight's episode, written by executive producer Stephanie Savage, was one of the series' best to date. Just amazing stuff from Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford (yes, Chace Crawford) and great stories all around.

But we want to hear from you! Did you love tonight's Gossip Girl? Did it live up to the hype? Was it disappointing? Confusing? Will it tide you over for a while?

Enlighten us with your impressions of this evening's Gossip Girl by leaving your comments and voting in our poll below. Did you like the episode? If so, why?

Chair Chat

Blair always knows best when it comes to Chuck.

What did you think of "The Debarted"?

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this show is SO bad. WTF is Chuck doing talking to the ghost of his father? This is an insult to the books, which compared to this load of crap are masterpieces. Josh & Stephanie couldn't write their way out of a paper bag, this show has gotten so unrealistic and campy it's unbelievable.


Ok I'm a huge fan of GG and Chair of course! lets all cheer 4 chair! this episode was the best thus far. i cried n felt chuck's pain. that kiss on d forehead shows how much he really luvs blair. note 2 d writers if u eva break up chuck n blair r make his character gay thats d end of GG as you know it. Blair n chuck are the only reason we watch it. so plez keep dem 2gether n get rid of vanessa... ewww cant stand her!

Xoxo blairbass xoxo

If they did this SL on the first 11 ep. then we shouldn't have had this HIATUS....tsk....tsk...such a waste for josh schwartz
Thumbs up for Stephanie Savage for bringing back the core of GG...
CHAIR hotness, it was never CHUCK and Blair's fault bc their just following the writers script, I HATE CW for just letting lose millions of viewers bc of josh schwartz lame writing...


It's the best episode! It gives me tears, joy and lines (Chair) I will never forget. I replayed the Chair scenes at the hospital and I cried, twice. Ed and Leighton's really amazing actors! Salute.


oh my god. sooooooooo the locket with the E was totally a parallel to the previous scene. e like ecstasy. duh. yellow roses like from texas (the yellow rose of texas) obvi. mom is totally living in texas. and what are you guys so upset about? jenny = drug dealer. gonna be the best plot everrrrrr. love it. and she is totally getting it on with that cute boy from belgium or whatever that place is.... and eric is totally going to catch on because the handbags are a total clue that she is selling mad drugs because she's a drug dealer and has mad money because if you sell drugs you're like totally rich. aaaaaaaaaaand.... serena is like totally an infant. and is not getting screwed anymore! and that guy.... tripp..... totally got fed his nuts by maureen. vanessa is a dude....... in conclusion.... dan is totally a girl because they had sex during their threesome and that doesn't work with two dudes or olivia would've been like wtf? they're doing it in the butt! rufus is such a doofus.... i mean like bolognese? lily is like mad rich.... obvi doesn't like comfort food or eat anything white....like pasta. white foods make you fat. everyone knows that! (i'm totally on an all black food diet.... which apparently rufus is going on too!) oh btw, the park ave autumn totally sucks! park ave winter is WAAAAY better. okay and ummmm.... those girls that follow Jenny around... they're totally accessories to a drug dealer now. i mean they have the accessories from the drug money! accessories w accessories. that's so serious when the police come. lily... silly... silly lily. and obvi NATE THE GREAT. maureen is like queen of the universe... totally a puppeteer. WAIT! did anyone else realize that when you crash a car they check who owns it? obviously Tripp is effed AND he had to eat his nuts. chuck. sigh. sooooooooo hot this episode and so in touch with his emotions. so glad he stopped thinking he was in hamlet. this isn't shakespeare, silly! it's gossip girl! obviously...
just 'cause you're British, you're so confused. Blair... total carebear. btw... ugly jammies = totally had her period! okay everyone... tata


again i may say i agree there should be more chuckblair scenes...an epic scene! they are the reason i watched GG hahaha! they are the best actors in the show!


i agrre to chloe! chuckbalir scene in the hospital is the best among the other scene in this episode...


its soooo good, great amazing, i felt all the emotions!! chuckblair aw! they love each other! blair is so the greatest girlfriend a guy could ever have! lucky you chuck! i can't wait for the next episode! Damn that next show! i hope nobody watch it! and jenny a drug dealer???? whaaat?? i hate little J. and maureen and tripp


I'm from France, i saw the episode : OMFG , BEST EPISODE SO FAR! So well written, every character was included in the story , the music was amazing ( Jay-Z and ALicia, M83...), it was moving and full of new developments. I LOVEEED IT!


This was the episode I was waiting for! Finally some Chair awesomeness! And I really like Nate & Serena now (and Dan and Vanessa, actually). I loved the flashback to Bart in the hospital...that was great. I watched this episode twice, because once wasn't enough. Best GG episode ever.


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