What Did You Think of "The Debarted"?

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The final episode of the calendar year just aired, featuring a blast from the past and a whole lot to look forward to in the future. What did you think?

In our opinion, tonight's episode, written by executive producer Stephanie Savage, was one of the series' best to date. Just amazing stuff from Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford (yes, Chace Crawford) and great stories all around.

But we want to hear from you! Did you love tonight's Gossip Girl? Did it live up to the hype? Was it disappointing? Confusing? Will it tide you over for a while?

Enlighten us with your impressions of this evening's Gossip Girl by leaving your comments and voting in our poll below. Did you like the episode? If so, why?

Chair Chat

Blair always knows best when it comes to Chuck.

What did you think of "The Debarted"?

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Stephanie Savage is the man!! oops I mean woman! Seriously she should write the rest of the season..amazing!


oh my god. serena is such a slut. is it just me. or does she always get into stupid ass relationships that she thinks is guna b real. like wtf. that guyy who tried to scam money from her 'it doesnt mean wat we had wasn't real' and shes soo stupid for thinking the tripp thing was for real


omg is chuck's mum really alive or? im confused and i want the next episode NOW. was awesome


I can't believe I'm sayin this, but this episode was the best in Gossip Girl history. I loved all the characters and Chuck made me cry in few scenes. It was really epic episode! And Tripp was ass in this episode, but I liked it too and I loved Jenny so much this episode! :)


I'm from Slovenia and I can't wait to see the episode. I hope, that there's more about Serena and Nate cuz I really want to see this two beautiful actor together. And I loooooooove CHAIR! They are perfect for each other. Please writers don't mess with this couple around. And after new year you can realize my dreams: N and S together for a long time ... just like C and B... BIIIG HUG FROM SLOVENIA. SERENATE FOR EVER!


When an episode gives you chills,tears,angst,and dialogue that you want to replay again and again, AND ED and Leighton in an unforgettable heart wrenching emotional scene, I need say no more.............................................................................................................................................Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you Stephanie Savage!


Gossip Girl is back! I love chair, but I was kind of missing their intensity...this episode was definetly intense...I just loved it!


Gossip Girl is back to form again, at least where Chuck and Blair are concerned. Their hospital scene made me cey. That's good acting on both Ed's and Leighton's part. The other characters' input are also solid. Good.


I'm speechless. The Debarted was amazing, finally we have our Blair and Chuck scenes. The hospital scene with Blair and Chuck was so sad but cute. I love them!!! Finally Gossip Girl is back!!!


This episode was amazing, though I'm since the pilot of season 1 the biggest Serena/Nate shipper the scene between Chuck and Blair made me cry. The D/V scenes weren't necessary for good ratings but OK make them a couple let them kiss and be happy (and if possible make that all happen in 1 minute so the rest can be NSBC time). Though I read a lot of comments about people thinking Serena is a whore I actually really like her, yeah I always did but she doesn't really bother me. I think it's just time to bring Serena and Nate together, give them a lot of screentime and let them hang out with Chuck and Blair. I hope the ratings for GG will get better cause I really want other seasons!


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