White Collar Review: "Free Fall"

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WOW!!! OMG!!! Talk about a shocking mid-season finale!!! Warning - Spoiler Alert - If you haven't watched "Free Fall" or read our recap, do so now! Then, come back to our review, and let us know what y'all think!

Okay so let's start off by saying: how crazy was last night's episode?!

Out of all the new shows on t.v. these days, White Collar hasn't left us hangin'! We want more! We want more! We want more! (more being hottie Neal Caffrey, naturally..)

All kidding aside, or all seriousness a side for that matter, these boys have really kept us on our toes! We were for sure thinking that Biff from BTTF was totally a double crossing agent! And to think Neal did all those death defying moves to find out that the real smarmy guy is right next to him.

Peter! Out of everyone on the show, he was the one guy we trusted with our unborn children.

Burke Promo Pic

What does this mean about Elizabeth? Do you think she knows about her husband's illegal affairs? Is she bad too? Say it ain't so! Thankfully, we only have to wait a couple weeks to find out!

Until next year, we leave you with some food for thought:

  • Perhaps Peter is a double-double crossing agent trying to protect Neal from his wrongful past that may catch up with him.
  • Maybe, since Peter is living a double life, Elizabeth and Neal can get in some steamy/forbidden love triangle scenes.
  • Nothing is what it seems and this show wouldn't be such a hit if it was!

Also, how could we leave you hangin' without some gloriously funny White Collar quotes!?:

Neal: Peter, I'm starting to like you again.
Peter: Oh well, then we're hanging out too much. | permalink

Mozzie: I appreciate the irony here - we're looking into them and they're looking into you. | permalink

Neal: I'll admit that I have done a lot of things that I am not proud of...wait, that's not true, I am proud of most things I do. | permalink

Mozzie: You lay down with dogs - you get up with fleas. | permalink


2 points, 1 the Hispanic Guy had an Australian accent creeping through if you listen. Interesting. 2 OPR are investigating Peter - Why? this has to be relevant.


i made a type-o above, it's NOT Neal that hints at somebody in the FBI set up the heist of that jewelery store, it's the hispanic guy, the one they caught. sorry.


Also I just wanted to throw this out there, Peter really can't be the bad guy, because, the last episode that Hispanic guy who stole the diamonds n made it look like Neal hinted that it was somebody in the FBI that told him when and how to steal that diamond, so if Peter is the bad guy then why is he trying to find out who framed Neal that whole episode? Also, when Neal does the "Four Story Swan Dive" onto that bakery thing, why does Peter hesitate to chase Neal? I don't know...maybe i spend to much time thinking about this...maybe it's because i'm up cramming for exams tm :-\ whatever the reason is, i just don't believe Peter or Kate are the bad guys.I believe it's Peters Boss, because that actor has really never played a "good-guy" that i can recall. But he does play a great bad-guy


I think Peter simply tracked down Kate by the dirty FBI agent. He found out who it was (maybe Fowler) that was holding her and he used his FBI connections to find where they were stashing her. I think he found the ring at the hotel room and showing his hand was just to build suspense. I think he helps Neal get Kate back. Then perhaps there will be another twist.


There is one thing that a lot of you are missing..."Kate loves the classics", granted she may be a bad guy in the beginning of her and Neal's relationship, but think of this...she's an agent, or even a free lancer just trying to get what she wants...a gold digger if you will, but after bein with him she falls in love with him, cliche i know, but if you remember the first few episodes she is shown giving Neal some kind of sign with her hands, then the wine bottle, I'm sorry but I'm inclined to believe that Kate is trying to help Neal against something else, NOT Peter though...because if you pay close attention at the end of the last episode, that pinkie ring is not the same as the ones in the picture of Kate and "Mysterious Unknown Hand" (I could be wrong about that though). Maybe what's going on really is that Peter's boss, the FBI Chief, is really the bad guy, the one that was getting Kate's help, and she doesn't want to hurt him (Neal) anymore, so she's giving him all the clues that she can...and I do agree that it's a little weird about the "lack of information" she gives to Neal on the few encounters with her, and even weirder that Peter shows up at her apartment/hotel room on the last episode. May seem a little too complicated or cliche, but hey it could be just what the writers want to do...they've been really good at throwing us off so far, so why not do what we don't think they'd do? Anyway, it's a lil confusing but that's why we all love the show right?
I'd just like to say that the Kate/Elizabeth similarities are kinda freaky, but i think that's just a coinsidence. Anyway i can't wait till they play the next Season, even though it'll be on Tuesday nights now....i hope they'll still play it Monday nights after RAW, bc that was the only time i can watch lol.


Another crazy theory. The way I see it Peter wanted help for a few cases, eal helps. Neal finds out about Peter, peter sends him back to jail (after getting all of Neal's stolen items with the help of Kate). Neal breaks out... basically the show becomes a Peter vs. Neal thing, Neal trying to get back at Peter for what he did. Which would just be another Burn Notice.


It really seems to make more sense that Kate is in fact a deep cover FBI agent. She most likely has been helping Peter right along to enabling him to catch Neal. I think they are using this "relationship" with Kate in the attempt to get Neal to turn over some sensitive material he took.


Jonas absolutly nailed it


so, I think Peter is not actually the bad guy. Just to throw it out there, Kate came BACK to the apartment or hotel room on her own free will in the last episode which means she was out and about by herself,and therefore not kiddnapped. I think Peter is upset that Neal as a criminal has such a great life, (nice clothes, house, the coffee, and the granddaughter) and believes Neal has not earn it. Peter seems like a guy with a good work ethic and morals. I do believe he has made a deal with Kate, if she can lead him to the "treasure" she'll get immunity for what ever part she took in it. Over all, I think Peter wants proof of everything Neal is accused of so he can put him away for good. Meanwhile, he's using neal for the better of his own reputation.


What a great point Rick!!! That would be an amazing twist to throw Mozzie in on it! Sorry guys about the confusion on Fowler...totally looks like Biff from BTTF...in any case, I still believe that Peter's a good guy and it would be great to see Elizabeth's role as the master mind behind it all!

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White Collar Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Peter: It's like Buckingham Palace.
Neal: I've been to Buckingham Palace - this is better.

You lay down with dogs - you get up with fleas.