Bailey Romance to Heat Up on Grey's Anatomy

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From the early days of Team MerDer vs. Team Addek, to the more recent bed-swapping of Mark, Lexie and Alex, certain Grey's Anatomy debates provoke varied fan reactions.

Miranda Bailey's love life is not one of those issues. After all she's been through with her divorce, what Grey's Anatomy fan isn't excited for a Bailey romance heating up soon?

According to TV Guide, Chandra Wilson will be back behind the camera again after making her directorial debut this season in the fantastic episode, "Give Peace a Chance."

Soon enough, Wilson will direct an episode in which the new anesthesiologist (Jason George) films some steamy scenes with her. Expect "lots of romance and kissing scenes."

Wilson is not listed as the director of the next two episodes, so we're not entirely sure when this happens, but we assure you we'll be watching (excitedly!) when it does!

Bailey, New Love Interest

We can't wait to watch this budding romance develop.

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Good! It's about time that Bailey deserves to be with someone who loves and cares about her. Everyone else is always having all the fun and romance, and she works so hard all the time, she really deserves some happiness in her personal life.


Please be careful with this. Bailey behaving like the others... sex craved...not good. Keep it dignified!


I just hope Bailey's future sneaking around is witnessed by some of the docs who she tut tutted for doing the nasty nasty in the oncall rooms.That will be a LOL big time


I feel like the writers are trying to realign Bailey's character. Bailey was refered to as the nazi before we even saw her. It wasn't obvious for a long time that she was married. Then she had a son and conflict between Bailey and her husband started having ripples in her career.
But Bailey using the oncall rooms for assignations, not quite sure that I'm ready to see Bailey being the same as everyone else. I just hope it's true to her character


I can't wait for Bailey to get her just reward! This girl's been through the wringer constantly (having labor while her husband was in brain surgery, questioning her surgical abilities, feeling like a failure in regards to teaching Izzie and Cristina, her marital problems, the ultimatum about her peds fellowship, losing her mentor!) and it's only right that she gets a man who gets HER!


This is something we've never seen from Bailey. I really look forward to the change! This season has been fantastic and it just keeps getting better.


McMocha hmm i like it.


It's about time that Grey's Anatomy is recognizing that Miranda Bailey is a WOMAN!! A love interest for her is a great idea. On top of all of that Jason George is SEXY! You go gurl!! His nick name can be McMocha!!


I believe that she direct'll this new episode good and great episode as that 6x07.I believe, as all the characters had a little happyness ,now it is the moment for the Bailey...romance and kisses.


ok.. bailey deserves kisses and love like everyone else..
and we deserve more merder please!!

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