Daniel or Henry? Ugly Betty Creator Mulls Romance Options

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It's not at the level of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, but Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta has his own dating dilemma to consider:

Should his show's title character end up with Daniel or Henry?

The issue is relevant because this may be Ugly Betty's final season, even though ABC is giving the series a major boost by shifting it to Wednesday nights, starting ths week.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Horta admits he's considering a romance between Betty and Daniel: “We’ve been batting around the idea. It is not outside the realm of possibility that something [could] happen, but we’re not sure yet.”

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As for Chris Gorham's Henry? “I think there is a place for him to come back in some way,” Horta said. “But I don’t know if them being together at the end is what’s going to happen.”

What will happen? The creator isn't sure. However, he has resigned himself to one fact: “You’re always going to piss somebody off.”

You tell us, fans: Are you on Team Daniel or Team Henry?

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I just wanted to say that Daniel and Betty are PERFECT together, especially because they were friends from the beginning and they have helped each other and both have come a long way. Plus Daniel is more betty's type of guy, I mean she went out with matt and if you think bout it, Matt is sort of like Daniel so in a way they were preparing Betty for a relationship with Daniel to happen


Betty and Daniel.They know and understand each other and help each other, when they have problem, that's why they are so perfeckt for each other. They are great friends too, and that super :) Betty and daniel forever


Daniel and Betty will be great together as they were frnds first.
Daniel realizes Betty's beauty without make up. They know & understand each other. They complete each other by filling out each others missing points. Daniel will first realize his feelings towards Betty.They may get together at the end of the show. Betty can't deal with raising Henry's child. Gio fell for someone else. Matt needs to do a lot of soul searching b4 any commitment. Plus Daniel and Betty know each other better than they know themselves and will do anything for each other. They also act as each others conscience. When if they end up in a relationship both their families won't object. If anyone has any doubts they can read Daniel's last letter from the editor.


Gio. Daniel has way, way too much history with Amanda - he should be with Amanda. Gio is Betty's prince and they have similar backgrounds which makes a marriage much more believable. Let's face it fans - Daniel & Betty are great as friends but not lovers. Just don't see it.


betty should end up with daniel because if this doesnt happen then ive been watching this show for nothing.


If Daniel and Betty won't end up together the show will lost it's meaning!
The handsome guy falls for the ugly girl ho in the end becomes a swan! that's the way it's supposed to be!
I'm all for D&B!! And eww, not Henry! Or Maatt.! I would consider Gio, but that's not gonna happen...! But please, no Henry! gosh..


Daniel com certeza! Is Detty...


betty and HENRY! Definetely!!!!!


DANIEL AND BETTY !! DEFINITELY!! it'd be the ultimate WOWZERS~! If Henry and Betty get back together.. thats like saying .. its okay to love someone who lied to you about not having a girlfriend. so what kind of message is that suppose to send out? Betty and Daniel! Why? Because they started out friends and thats real love! Plus America is rockin now that they finally glamorized her! oooo it neva gets old when the ugly duckling turns into a swan and the fella that stood by her and hardly noticed finally notices how great she is inside and out! that's bound to be hit~! GOTTA GO FOR BETTY AND DANIEL! yes. i have been watching since season one-zo~! so please writers for Ugly Betty~! hear my plea~~~~ please go for a Detty!!!


Betty outgrew Henry a long time ago. I'm not a huge fan of the Betty/Daniel idea--my first choice would definitely be Matt.

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