FlashForward Creator Spills Season One Spoilers, Secrets

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FlashForward doesn't return to ABC until March 4.

This leaves viewers will plenty of time to debate who took Lloyd, whether Mark will kill Demetri and many other pressing storylines.

But co-creator David Goyer spoke to Zap2It this week and supplied a few answers to a series of burning questions. What can viewers expect when the show returns this spring? Goyer confirmed the following:

  • Lloyd and Simon definitely had something to do with the global blackout;
  • "Simon is pretty much on the Mosaic team" going forward;
  • There are three "massively great twists" on the first two episodes back;
  • We'll find out the identity of Suspect Zero;
  • We'll be seeing more of D. Gibbons.
Lloyd and Simon

In conclusion, Goyers says there will be "reveals that will change the whole playing field."

Consider us intrigued. The final FlashForward episode of 2009 definitely hooked us on this show. What are the main questions you wish to see answered when it returns?

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I don't know cause I've already forgotten the questions....when these shows go on break like this it makes people forget versus building suspense also when they cancel good shows after only a few seasons and never even close out the story lines they lose viewers permanently....after losing Sarah Connor Chronicles, Jake 2.0, and many others there isn't a network out there that I trust to get too involved in their shows...they show no loyalty to the viewers! Once they start a show they should have it set how many seasons they plan to have and can add to it but not take away. The story lines should always have a conclusion to not leave the story line and the viewer hanging....maybe this is why so many people love American Idol and other reality shows they don't leave u hanging from season to season....I mean being left hanging is great if the show is going to return but not if it isn't....and these long breaks cause a show to lose viewers not gain them by leaving it in suspense...out of sight out of mind ya know...we all lead busy lives and once a show is out of sight....it often loses our attention!

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