Gossip Girl Caption Contest 85

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Welcome, Gossip Girl crazies around the nation and world, to the 85th edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our Friday feature.

It was a tough decision, but this week's winner is Pretty_Natie. Congrats!

Honorable mentions: Mrs. Chace Crawford, Queen B and SophieBass.

The winning caption now appears below the photo. Thanks to everyone for playing our Caption Contest and best of luck again next week!

Paparazzi Magnet

Rufus: WAIT! She's having a moment ...
Serena: ... so penguins really can't fly?

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Papparazi: Serena, is this your new bodyguard?
Rufus: No, I'm her step-dad!
Serena (whispers): Rufus! step-dad is the new code word for bodyguard, keep up with the times!
Papparazi: So the Lily-gone-blind rumour is true...


Serena: yes rufus..which part of SHINY SHINY dont you get?! It glittered like edward cullen in the sun.


Rufus: What do you mean, Chuck and Nate with a sledgehammer?


Rufus: Hello? Camera shy guy here! Now shoo!
Serena: Are you kidding me?


"STOP! Cameratime."


Serena: What's with all the photographers?
Rufus: I told them to stop following me! I'm just too famous!


Serena: Rufus don't be shy... ehh... Brintey with the umbrella! Posh spice in america! follow me on twitter: twitter.com/tylerfromtheUES


thanks rufus, i really don't have enough cleavage on show right now


Rufus: I don't understand, Serena was arrested months ago! Why are you still following her around?
Pap: Because she paid us to.


S: RUFUS!! Move your hand!! You're blocking the view for the camera! I NEED to be in this picture!

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