Gossip Girl Caption Contest 86

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fans around the nation and world, to the 86th edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our fun Friday feature.

This week's winner: lisalovesgg. Congratulations on a job well done!

The winning entry appears below the photo. Honorable mentions go out to lucyluvschuck, Jared and olivia. Thanks to all for playing!

Good luck again in next week's Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest ...

Hottest Couple of All Time

Chuck: Really Blair? Matching that coat with those shoes?
Blair: Since when did you become some sort of fashionista?
Chuck: Since when did you wear leggings as pants?

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B (thinking): He is totally picturing me naked right now.
C (thinking): I am totally picturing her naked right now.


Chuck: What do you think the producers want to talk to us about?
Blair: I dont know...but I hope I get my headbands back


Blair: and then she said: "YOU ARE SUCH A BITCH BLAIR WALDORF!" and I was too hurt to say anything.. :'(
Chuck: .......


Blair:OMG, did you see that bitch Jenny's new Chanel clutch??
Chuck: You call that Chanel? Anyone can see its Louis Vuitonn!
Blair: WTF?
Chuck:..I mean, uh..boobies


B: i want to become a nun.
C: *raises eyebrow*


Blair: You have got to be kidding me. Chuck: What? Blair: Look across the street. Jenny: (In a loud voice from the opposite side-walk) "Complementary raccoon-makeup included with every signature drug-boat! All money will be donated to the Haiti-Insensitivity Group!" Chuck: So Jenny does drugs? Blair: Guess so. That would explain her usual homeless-inspired look.


Blair: Come on. Can you say it one more time? Twice? Third is always a charm. Chuck: Fine; I love you! Can we fokus on something else now? The moments is kinda gone, Blair..


Blair: Shall I wear my pink dress from dior, or the green one from chanel? Chuck: Who cares Blair: Didn't you say you wanted me in the pink one? Because then we would match..you know with that little pink scarf of yours Chuck: Fine, fine the pink dress! Geee..


Leighton: What you doing looking me in the eyes when we are rehearsing? You know Jessica will cut off your balls if she thinks we are having too much fun again!
Ed: I am so confused I want to do a good job and you make me want to 'prove' myself to you, but I don't want to hurt Jess.


Hahaha Jared, rofl. very funny. Page 6 people.

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