Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blame Jack Bass!

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That's pretty much all we got. Blame Jack. It shouldn't be too hard.

EW's Michael Ausiello answers a reader question in his spoiler mailbag today with a simple explanation of why Chuck and Blair evidently hit the skids later this season.

His take on the bombshell breakup to come when the show returns ...

Q: Could you give us more details about Blair and Chuck’s break-up on Gossip Girl?

A: Blame Jack Bass. It’s all his fault.

Bass, Jack

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i knew it i knew it, ever since the whole chuck and blair breakup news i knew freaking jack had something to do with it, and i was right, what if jack makes chuck look like he harassed someone, something like that, because there was also some other spoiler about chucks mom and jack, that it might be a trick by jack bass and that it might not be? i was like wtf? please don't make it harder than it already is, and that chuck harasses someone, it said and i quote "Chuck will be accused of sexual harassment." what could these mean, im trying to piece the puzzle together. what do you guys think?


Oh I should point out that yes I realise B+C would never get back together and its highly highly unlikely, but I think it would be kind of intresting to see how they would deal with it...i might write a fanfic about it or something. It'll probs be something like Jack puts a fake sexual assault thing on Chuck, everyone believes it then hates C, they breakup, then C spends a few episodes trying to get B to believe the sexual assault thing is fake and tries to get her back...no hot make up sex just fluff "Oh Blair...I wouldn't do that, I love you, believe me, please believe me....*add your own whingy/whiney crap here*" then they will hook up again will do the "Nothing can break our love...we're epic...chuck and blair, blair and chuck....etc" then we will watch endless episode of Jenny becoming an increasing twat, Serena skanking all around the place, Lily and Rufus arguing about mr.VSW and D talk about the threesome over and over and over again.


Hmm I think Jack secretly recorded J+B bumping uglies on NYE, sends it to Chuck who goes mental, screams at Blair...complains they dont have sex anymore and then rapes her or something. that ties in Jack, everyone hating Chuck and him getting charged with sexual assult. it probs wont actually happen on GG...itll be something stupid and last half an episode knowing the writers. i like the idea of the break up to stir things up...there relationship is stagnant atm.


im also going to add, as much as i love chuck and blair (like everyone else) this could be a good thing. sure they have a few cute moments as a couple but its not enough. If they get into some huge heartcrushing breakup, it allows for a totally amazing OMFG scene when they finally get back together (like the finale of season 2 when he finally says i love you, but BETTER)


chuck's probably gonna f****ing kill him. this will be interesting i'll admit. but very sad at the same time. im excited.


Not fair!
Stupid Jack......such a jackass!
I really hope if the do break up it's for a really good reason and that the breakup will only be short and they get back together soon.....maybe its part of a plan to get jack out of the way. Josh shwartz said to believe in chuck and blair on his twitter.....so maybe he has a master plan for the somehow!
at least i hope so :)
Chair are epic :)


After reading some comments, I like the idea of Jack framing Chuck for something horrible (that would lead Blair to break up with him), but really Chuck did not do anything wrong at all. It seems like the writers are really trying to shake up the show, so I hope it is something exciting and unpredictable, without being too horrible for Chuck & Blair's relationship.


Here is my theory: Jack is his usual selfish evil self. Jack and Chuck get in a fight. Chuck "kills" Jack. Maybe Chuck punches Jack out of self defense, or throws something at Jack and it hits his head. This would be an accident, not a cold blooded premeditated murder, the same way Serena "killed" Pete in Season 1, and that was her big secret with Georgina. So maybe Chuck "kills" Jack, and that is the horrible unforgivable thing he does that motivates Blair to break up with him.


No problem! I can definitely understand the confusion! :]


@N&S [for now],thanks for clarify this for me,but,the name of the list was "bachelor sth...",but on the magazine(And also the Brazilian blog) they were using the term single = solteiro(in portuguese).That was why I got confused.

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