Gossip Girl Spoilers: Latest on Chuck-Blair Drama

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Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair are going to be going through a rough patch caused by Chuck, as you probably know by now. But what causes it?

What could Chuck possibly do to Blair that leads to the crisis for our beloved? Is it true that a fling with young Jenny Humphrey is involved?

Here's what E! Online has to say in its spoiler chat today ...

Q: At first I was just sad about the Chuck-Blair breakup news, but now I'm freaking the hell out. Is it true the horrible thing Chuck does is sleep with Jenny?"

"I'll never watch Gossip Girl again if that's what happens!

A: Well, don't delete that Gossip Girl season pass from your TiVo just yet, because sources assure us that this particular rumor is totally false.

Chuck and Jenny Picture

So, while we can't tell you yet what bad thing Chuck does do, we can assure that you, no, Chuck does not sleep with Jenny Humphrey. Whew.

Q: I'm so sad about Chuck and Blair breaking up on Gossip Girl! Anything new?

A: Ed Westwick says, "It all gets set on its side. Everything upside down. Things are going to get even more dramatic than they always are."

Gossip Girl boss Josh Schwartz, meanwhile, Tweeted, "Trust. #ChuckandBlair."

Believe the man. The show's executive producer is the one who made Chuck and Blair so awesome in the first place, and he wouldn't be breaking them up unless it was part of a greater plan, right?

Q: I approve of the casting of Billy Baldwin as Serena's dad. Is Daddy van der Woodsen completely evil, or does he have any redeeming qualities?

A: We'll see that William van der Woodsen does want to get back into Serena and Eric's life. That doesn't mean he's a pure good guy - his motives could be totally dark side - but at least he's no longer totally dissing his own children.

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okay i did some research and im probbly wrong but the unbarable lightness of being is a movie and im pretty sure its about this guy who has an affair with this artsy type girl when he still has a girlfriend and the 18th episode is called the unblairable lightness of being and they said they were going to breakup around the 18th-19th episode?? maybe chuck does cheat?? i realllly hope not tho that would toatally ruin my whole life and i would go into great depression btw please correct me if im wrong


chuck could attac jack but jack overexagerate it and file charges for attemted murder then blair leaves chuck and later on chuck turnes out 2 b innocent and chair lives happily ever after


just GTFO jenny ! god i hate henny/taylor so much.. she irritated me


^ Are you telling us how the characters feel about Chuck? You're deluded.


im still clueless of why they are having everyone hate CHUCK why coudltn it be someone unexpected like nate or dan? and seriosuly wo is going to hate chuck who doesnt not like him already or bareley knows he exist? i mean dan doesnt like him, serena barely likes him and gets made at evey little think he does, lily coudlnt care less about chuck,i dont know where eric is in this, vanessa doesnt like him very much, nate probably forgot chucks his friend, the only one i could see caring is Blair.


Correction... I meant i hope it DOESNT have to do with him cheating. Just clarifying:)


Maybe blair is the one who will accuse chuck of sexual harassment. Maybe after the breakup, she just wants him to leave her alone...so she resorts to that. I read the lil script that was leaked and she called him a psycho, so maybe he "attempts" to kill jack. An attempt seems much more reasonable than actually killing him..but still a major issue!!! I hope it has something to do with him cheating...that would be soo lame and obvious. Duh.. He was a womanizer..if it ends up being that it will be an epic fail on the writers parts. Just my thoughts. The anticipation is driving me crazy!!!


I am probobly the only one who was actually disappointed about the no Chenny thing. I like Chair but I think Chenny is better:D Oh well, luckily there is still Serenate to keep me happy;D




omfg CBFan ur fucking hilarous...NOT. STFU

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