Gossip Girl Spoilers: Latest on Chuck-Blair Drama

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Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair are going to be going through a rough patch caused by Chuck, as you probably know by now. But what causes it?

What could Chuck possibly do to Blair that leads to the crisis for our beloved? Is it true that a fling with young Jenny Humphrey is involved?

Here's what E! Online has to say in its spoiler chat today ...

Q: At first I was just sad about the Chuck-Blair breakup news, but now I'm freaking the hell out. Is it true the horrible thing Chuck does is sleep with Jenny?"

"I'll never watch Gossip Girl again if that's what happens!

A: Well, don't delete that Gossip Girl season pass from your TiVo just yet, because sources assure us that this particular rumor is totally false.

Chuck and Jenny Picture

So, while we can't tell you yet what bad thing Chuck does do, we can assure that you, no, Chuck does not sleep with Jenny Humphrey. Whew.

Q: I'm so sad about Chuck and Blair breaking up on Gossip Girl! Anything new?

A: Ed Westwick says, "It all gets set on its side. Everything upside down. Things are going to get even more dramatic than they always are."

Gossip Girl boss Josh Schwartz, meanwhile, Tweeted, "Trust. #ChuckandBlair."

Believe the man. The show's executive producer is the one who made Chuck and Blair so awesome in the first place, and he wouldn't be breaking them up unless it was part of a greater plan, right?

Q: I approve of the casting of Billy Baldwin as Serena's dad. Is Daddy van der Woodsen completely evil, or does he have any redeeming qualities?

A: We'll see that William van der Woodsen does want to get back into Serena and Eric's life. That doesn't mean he's a pure good guy - his motives could be totally dark side - but at least he's no longer totally dissing his own children.

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So I guess I give the writers the green light, as long as they're not planning on killing someone off, of course. Unless it's Vanessa. They can go ahead and kill Vanessa... 0:-) This cracked me up! LOL


Chuck won't do anything that fans can't forgive him for - because then Chair can't happen again, and that's the end game. That rules out rape and domestic violence - but not murder... murder can "justifiable homicide". That would set up a helluva cliffhanger - Chuck going to trial... (BTW, what happened to the "white hot angry make-up s8x" we were promised at the beginning of the season?!)


HURRY UP MARCH! that is all i have to say lol...i hate waiting its driving me nuts!


I don't think Chuck will cheat on Blair, because that would just ruin their amazing dynamic and chemistry. I really think Chuck only has eyes for Blair.


@tatnili archibald Yeah, who knows??? It's gonna be a BIG THING though, so its a pretty crazy but plausible theory. The whole "law" thing can probably evaded. Chuck is SO RICH, that he can definitely get away from the law. Or I'm sure the writers would pull something up out of it. From a writer's point of view, I think Jack Bass is pretty expendable. I know that Chuck has changed, but he's going to do something SO HORRIBLE that it will tear CHAIR apart!!! So maybe the old chuck will resurface.




I can see your point now, thanks for the explication. Make sense, so much sense. Like on the "Chuck can hire a assassin". But like you said. Since Chuck loves Blair, he's changing a lot, now he isn't the creepy guy, i don't think he's capable for a thing like that, he has a good heart. Even if Jack is a fucking stupid character, Chuck can't kill someone of his family. I'm think about it, if his uncle do something bad to blair, (like you said) Chuck can totally take cards on the issues. i'm gonna suppose: Chuck kills Jack. Early or later, Chuck has to pay to the law what he does. He has to go to Jail. That's not what we want, Chair Fans.


my theory is that Jack Bass is going to stir trouble again, and get revenge on Chuck. I think Jack will try do this by going through Blair. Since Chuck loves Blair ALOT, I'm positive that something like this could happen. (chuck killing off Jack) IT MAKES SENSE (in the gg world). LOL I mean, think about Jack's character, he's not a crucial character, they could get rid of him easily. Thin about it, Jack tried to friggin RAPE LILY. He's a dangerous character, why not kill him off??? Otherwise, he would keep coming back to hurt Chuck and the characters we love.


Ok THINK ABOUT IT. Why is chuck killing his uncle so out of line in the GG world???? The spoiler says its "potentially irreparable" COME ON. That means its something REALLY BIG and REALLY BAD that Chuck does.
I'm not saying Chuck would kill him with his bare hands, but I wouldn't be surprised to see someone like Chuck hire an assasin. REMEMBER: Jack is involved in all this. it was stated in a spoiler leaked out a few weeks ago. It makes sense. I mean come on, its not that far-fetched in the GG world. i'm pretty sure Blair would be really shaken up by something like that, and it would take a lot of time for something like this to heal their relationship.


That's imposible, totally imposible. Even if you say those things, nobody gonna believe that. LOL LOL LOL.

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