Grey's Anatomy Cast Speaks on the Chief's Ousting

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It's safe to say the Seattle Grace-Mercy West merger did not work out for anyone.

No offense to Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and his good looks, but no one else came out of this looking good. Especially not the Chief, who started drinking again.

On Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked," the truth finally came out thanks to Derek, who's poised to take the top job.

So what does this mean for James Pickens, Jr., (Chief Richard Webber) staying on the show? How will the doctors take to Patrick Dempsey's Derek being the boss now?

Sources say Pickens is not leaving the show and Derek is not permanently taking his position. But Derek will be acting as interim chief while Richard works on his issues.

Not everyone will be happy about that, either.

Chief, Der

Richard is out as Chief and Derek is stepping up - at least for now.

"Obviously the minute that your leader trips, there's a ripple effect that happens throughout the hospital," Jessica Capshaw said. "It's going to bring great challenge."

"Is he going to leave, is he going to get help, is he not going to get help, who's going to get help for him, is he going to get help for himself?" the actress pondered.

Co-star Justin Chambers added: "We're all in shock because for me, the Chief has always represented someone stoic and smart and definitely experienced. I still respect McDreamy, but to see him as the big cheese is going to be kind of strange."

So strange, in fact, the hospital will be divided in two.

While some doctors can see that Derek was doing what was right for the hospital, others accuse him of betraying the Chief. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) is on Team Der.

"Owen has a scene where he kind of supports him," McKidd said. "Derek asks, 'Do you feel like I'm being selfish?' and he says, 'If this benefits the most amount of people, then that's the right decision. If it's just benefiting you, it's the wrong decision.'"

If you think Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is all of a sudden going to get special treatment for being married to the interim head honcho, then you best think again.

"Meredith is so good anyway," said Chambers. "She has a high IQ, she does every surgery impeccably. I don't think we'll have a problem with her. However, I'm sure Alex will throw out a few words that aren't necessarily polite about her sleeping with the Chief."

What do you predict will happen? When will Richard reclaim his post? Do you think Derek acted for the right reasons? Sound off on recent developments below ...

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i_am_a_fan: you're right, Lexie is the blond one on those 6x14 photos! Wow, she looks totally different, but not bad at all...


I think that Derek as chief to interim ,he'll be a great Chief,but he must to help His friend Richard to come back to the sgh as Chief for good .I think that a person cannot be a great Chief and a great husband, because if you want to be the best in the your job and your family-life you must sacrifice somebody or something.


In the "writers'blog" it says Derek took the bottle to Richard because he did not want Meredith to do a surgery that she was not ready for and he felt this way after his discussion with Miranda. He knew giving the Chief that bottle and poured drink that that would be the end of Meredith performing the surgery. He was protecting her in a sense.


Did anyone notice in the promotional photos of 6x14 that lexie's hair id blond?! she is in a photo with jackson woring on an arm or something first i thought it was mer but i am pretty sure its lexie.I guess we know now who is the woman that will changeher hair color in valentine to heat things up for her lover.


I had hoped we would see the back of all the MW docs, not so. Euck, I want storylines for the SGH docs, not MWers. Iz will be back, so will she be back as a doc? Surely she can't move back to Mer's with Alex there already? The chief's wife's role was to put in an appearance when there were major disasters in the hospital. Adele appeared in the bomb episode as a supportive wife of the chief. It looks like MerDer were out for the evening and got called back. How do the writers contrive to get Richard in too?


Der did turn down the chief job twice, turning it down for richard's sake both times. But it has proved difficult for Der when he has seen the way the chief has handled the firings so poorly , emails! The docs being fired for their errors, the logistical problems of not having enough equipment for ops show poor leadership. Der did offer Richard his help several times So Der did step in for the hospital's sake, but it did help his career ambitions. But he's on trial in a hospital where there is loyalty to Richard. But as I understand Richard must bounce back cos he's not being written out of GA. If other docs are given a way back, that must apply Richard too. Hope Der sorts out all the residents getting a fair turn at surgeries. As to Mer she has a loyalty to Richard now, but she was trying to hope there wasn't a problem for him with alcohol. She did get too into doing a very advanced surgery, and ducked acknowlegeing the real reason it didn't happen. It took Der bribing her with a way of reemploying Iz to get Mer to agree to reporting Richard. Der knew that was Mer's weak spot. I think it was implied that Iz won't find another surgical job cos of the history of cancer etc


Two new promo links for Valentines Massacre episode The above link, did I imagine it, or is the fired MWfemale doc back taking Der's coat???? But Der's policy seems to be rehire all the docs who got the boot for mega mistakes, hence giving Iz a way back. Seems as though MerDer were out in a resturant celebrating valentines when Der gets called in
Is about Bailey, and the Ellis/Richard episode


Uhm hello... Do you really want a drunk surgeon operating on you or someone in your family? Isn't that what matters the most. So he benefitted, it doesn't mean it was the wrong thing to do! If he was doing it selfishly, so what? The simple bottom line is there was no way he could say nothing without endangering lives and he took an oath "do no harm". The most important question is, "is Izzy really leaving?!" Her and Alex have been thru so much!!! When you have that much history you cant just walk away. He has to forgive her for being over reactive and impulsvie following a seriously close call with death etc and I think she can forgive him for sleeping with lexie cause yeh, she left, not him.


Derek did it because he did what he thought was right for the hospital and Richard. Meredith will probably have to deal with people calling her "Mrs. Chief" for a while. Hopefully, Richard realizes that Derek did what he thought was best for both the hospital and him.


I think Derek is being very selfish, because he's doing this for his own career advancement. Being Head of Neurosurgery just wasn't enough for him. Always being in Richard's face, arguing about the way he runs the whole surgery wing, etc... I'm beginning not to like Derek like I used to. Its now all about power trips & ego-driven minds.

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