Grey's Anatomy First Look: Pre-Nazi Bailey!

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Before Chandra Wilson's Grey's Anatomy character Miranda Bailey was the enforcer - the Nazi, if you will - she was just a regular intern-turned-resident at Seattle Grace.

Flashbacks will take us there.

The casting of young Richard and Ellis has gotten the most attention regarding the February 18 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, "Time Warp." Bailey will have flashbacks too.

The hour will also flash back to the early 2000s when Callie was just starting out, and when Bailey was an intern being menaced by a boss from hell (Heroes' Missi Pyle).

Awesome. Even more so? Miranda used to go by Mandy!

“We’re going to see Bailey when she still called herself Mandy and had not yet learned to speak up,” explains series creator Shonda Rhimes, reflecting on how the first time she laid eyes on Chandra Wilson “all Mandy’d up,” her heart broke.

“I know that girl — hell, I was that girl. Deep down, Mandy is Bailey’s inner geek, and Chandra plays the Mandy of it all brilliantly.” No doubt she's right. Here's a pic:

Pre-Nazi Bailey

Boy, Dr. Bailey has come a long way since 2004!

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Call me meredith

I love that.
Who was Baileys resident??? Addison??
I have no idea I cant remember...


I love Chandra Wilson, I have no doubt that she'll pull "Mandy" off flawlessly. I was curious - Bailey admits that she was a band geek to Derek but I never really thought about how she got from there to here, though you do get hints of it when her old crush came to SGH. Hopefully they're going to show us the precipitating event that made Mandy into Miranda, I can't wait!


this looks like it might actually be a pretty good idea, Mandy (Bailey) looks fab here, can't wait.


I've just read elsewhere Mer's Mrs chief job is to attend fund raisers in dresses. hooray posh looking Mer, but fund rasiers mean you have to be polite at very boriong events


Bailey as a tongue tied, non assertive resident, er hard to imagine. She must have learnt the art of manipulating her superiors to get her way before she was a resident.


Man I am so souped up waitin on this.


So...Avery is might be Ellis and Chief's son and Bailey is Stevie Wonder's daughter??LOL!!Cant' wait for this episode and some Callie's flashbacks!!


THAT'S BAILEY?! I mean, Mandy? Wow. Mandy is the inner-geek while Bailey is the Nazi! Wow! Chandra Wilson is probably gonna be great during this episode. @anuflas Didn't they already show their flashbacks? Or do you mean before they met each other when Meredith and Derek were little? They already showed their flashbacks to when they first met. At Joe's. And they showed flashbacks of Meredith when she was little, on the carousel, hearing her mother scream, "Don't leave me!" to the chief. And they already showed what happened, the reaction of Derek, after Derek found Addison and Mark in bed.


She looks adorable! Mandy! LOL. I think it'll have the right balance of dramatic (Chief/Ellis/Young Mer) and funny (Bailey). Now...when do we get the Derek/Mark flashback episode?? LOL.


OMG,Think this episode will be hilarious! Can't wait!

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