Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: "State of Love and Trust"

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Grey's Anatomy is off this week, unfortunately, but this ought to help you pass the time until next week's all-new episode, the first of at least three new ones in succession.

Here are photos from next week's Grey's Anatomy, "State of Love and Trust," when Derek begins his role as interim chief and quickly has a potential lawsuit on his hands.

Elsewhere at Seattle Grace, Teddy refuses to place Cristina on her service, Arizona tests Alex out in pediatrics, and Mark still refuses to speak to a heartbroken Lexie.

Have any predictions for how these plot lines will play out? Click to enlarge the pictures below and tell us what you think will happen in this episode and beyond:

The Best Buds
Round of Applause
Yang Action
Three Hunks
Dr. Avery Pic
Big Boss Man
Owen and Teddy Pic
Der in Charge
Hey, Red

There's more where these came from! Follow the jump for additional pics!

Major Meeting
Arizona and Cristina
Peds Peeps
Chief on an Interim Basis
Interim Chief
Hookup Partners
Older Sloan
L. Grey
Listening to the Boss

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I love seeing a few pictures of Christina and Owen together. They are so cute together. I also love to see the guys' hanging the office and being supportive for friends. This show is getting very interesting and still leaving us questioning on what will happen next.


I think that once Derek tastes the power, especially in such a tough time, he'll see that being Chief isn't really what he thought it'd be and decide to stick being a surgeon. He's still in a position of power (Head of Neuro) but not with that many responsibilities. But I like the idea that Derek might be tempted to want continue being Chief. I'm loving this storyline.


anuflas thanks, the bit I saw had Julia Roberts and other actors I didn't recognise. Re GA I think all the problems that the chief has set into motion are all going to bubble up whilst Der is in charge. Der is not going to have an easy time, but how can he just go back to being a heaf of department after being in charge? Surely it will make things more difficult if he knows he can do a good job and can't continue? Anyone in that position would look elsewhere to be chief, but Mer needs to finish her surgical training so that maybe delay Der. But it would allow there to be a cliffhanger as to whether Der would leave to persue his career


uk lass, In the US promo of Valentine's Day, PD says like one word and ED is nowhere to be seen (not even in the poster) but there have been several 'promo pics' that have been released with the both of them. I don't think they'll have a big part (BIG mistake, LOL).


Derek looks so HOT!! I love the pic where Mer is with two cups of coffee in his office:).


uk info. The Valentines day film is now being promoted on commerical tv, and I don't think PD or ED were anywhere to be seen. Also, Private Practice S1 is going to be shown on Freeview. Virgin 1 is going to be showing it, so hopefully next year I'll be able to see the rest of the crossover of GA S5, PP S2 episodes. Channel 5 still has links to GA, Does anyone know if they are going to rerun GA from the beginning again or show S4 anytime soon?


There's a promo on abc on the beginning as CHIEF is very difficult for Derek...Mer:she's awake dotc. Bailey.This episode seems very strong...


I can't see Der lasting long as Chief, he's too good at what he does to let that take a backseat to running the hospital. I think Mark would be perfect for the job if only for the fact that I don't feel he does that much as a surgeon. =P
But thumbs up for Derek in work clothes that aren't scrubs. And while I thought I'd never like it if they changed his hair...this I like. So apparently there are benefits to everybody that Derek gets to play Chief. =)


i also think he'll hate it eventually. he'll be bussy all the time with paper work and won't have enough time to operate and also for Mer.


*drool* Derek in a suit *drool* I think that the sneak peeks must come this Saturday (like the sp of 6x12 were) or Tuesday at the most. I think that Mer is still questioning Derek's motives but since the press released said that Derek is still trying to help Richard too, maybe it's when all doubts are erased. I hope. I, for one, can't wait to see Derek as Chief. I think he'll hate it but...can't wait!

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