Grey's Anatomy Previews: "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked"

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Lo and behold, Katherine Heigl's Izzie Stevens is actually appearing on Grey's Anatomy this week! That's good news for fans (well, most fans), but not for Alex Karev.

Izzie's husband has just slept with someone else, as we saw in "Blink," and someone we know, no less. One gets the impression that this isn't going to end well.

In this preview clip from "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked," Meredith comes in to tell Alex that his wife is coming back to town, and finds him, well ...

[video url="" title="I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump for another clip from the episode, featuring a tense Izzie and Alex reunion. She wants to resume a normal life together and look for jobs nearby.

As for Alex? He doesn't wanna have some big talk ...

[video url="" title="I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked Preview #2"] [/video]

What do you think of these two Grey's Anatomy clips? Is Alex's cover going to be blown? Will he spill the beans himself? Is their marriage doomed?

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Okay so new Alex is still a jerk. I mean how selfish can u get. Your wife says let me die and for his own self serving reasons doesn't. She lives and basically has to worry about how he's feeling when she's the one sick. She needs a little space, to deal with sickness, a death and job loss and takes off and the poor thing can't even let her have that. Because of course it's all about how Alex is feeling. I mean she is still the one who is dealing with maybe dieing but poor him right that he get's to live. He says I slept with someone and Izzie in total character says we'll work it out and by the way I'm cancer free and ofcourse he says hey now that I know I'm a good jerk and your not going to die well I didn't mean it when I married you. Face it there never was a new Alex. Just jerky Alex manifesting in different ways. So sad to see that this character hasn't grown. What a surprise for him though when Derek becomes chief,giving her her job back and he'll have to watch her get it on with everyone else but him, cancer free and happy. He's always got his head up his.....


What does "post it" mean? As when Meredith called "post it" so McDream wouldn't tell about the chief


Seriously...when is Katherine Heigl coming back? she has so many fans that miss her and greys isnt the same without her.i have looked forward to tonights episode since holidays... and i was very disapponted! There are so many alex and izzie fans (myself included). i hope the writers take into consideration how many fans the cople has when she comes back.


I agree with everything you said ana114!!


I hate the fact that Alex throws Mer exam room sex with Der in Mer's face. That was different, Addison didn't have cancer, they were in love. Addi and Derek were over they just didn't want to admitted. Alex and Izzie haven't even tried to make it work. I hope Mer stays out of this, that is Alex's and Lexie's problem not hers.


I'm glad that Izzie has returned (even if it's just for 1 episode) and is trying to make things work she kind of looks remorseful in my eyes but honestly it doesn't excuse what she did to Alex but at least she's trying. Sadly she is going to find out about the ONS (see preview) and its not going to end well which makes me sad. According to spoiler tv KH is suppose to return to set late next month which means Izzie will be back full time for the last part of the season (March/April) I don't know if the sources are true but I hope it is. A/I needs happiness too


I'm afraid that Lex is in major denial about what she just did to join the dirty mistresses club. Mer found out after many weeks that Der was married, and she was in love with him pretty much from the get go. The examination room was a bit different cos she did know about Der's marriage Lex was at Alex's wedding, so she knew, no excuses. She seems to have forgotten that alex forgot about sleeping with her when that list was going around of sexual partners. I know lex was unhappy, but this hasn't made me like her anymore though


ssssooooo excited that izzie is back!


"post-it" scene was the best ever!!! love MerDer!!!!


Meredith was gonna see them together, sooner or later. They are roomates... I don't like old Alex. I want changed-by-Izzie Alex. =(

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