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Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice spoilers don't always intertwine, but tonight, when the characters from both are on screen (and hooking up) with each other, they do!

Below are a couple of excerpts from EW's spoiler Q&A this morning.

We suggest if you are looking to keep the events of this evening a surprise, particularly involving the romantic dalliances of Dr. McSteamy, you not read past the picture ...

Mexie HEAT

The last such moment we may see for awhile.

  • Things will heat up between Sam and Addison on Private Practice. Starting this evening, when he gets jealous of Mark, and again in February.
  • Their guilty consciences will prove a major obstacle, however, as will the added complication involving another doctor waiting in the wings!
  • Mark and Lexie are over. Done. The lovers will break things off this week, but their single status doesn’t really become official 'til next week.
  • That's when word of their respective dalliances comes to light. Interestingly, someone’s reportedly not as upset by this as you might think.
  • Katherine Heigl returns to the set in late February, so Izzie should likely be back on a regular basis in episodes airing in March or April.

Thoughts? Theories? Opinions? Who is the other doctor waiting in the wings for Sam or Addison? Is Mark not the only one doing the cheating on Lexie?

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I don't know if I'll continue watching Grey's if Mexie don't get back together. They were AWESOME together! I never thought of their age difference as a problem, and I think everyone thinks they are a lot further apart in age than they actually are. Everyone makes it seem like he's old enough to be her father, when he is really only 11 years older than her. (He said Sloan was born when he was 18, she is now 18, making him 36. And last season when Lexie and Mark first got together, she told him she was 24, so now she's at least 25.) While that is an age difference it's not as major as I think everyone makes it seem. They have awesome chemistry, and I am a sucker for the good girl/bad boy relationships on TV (like OTH's Naley). MARK AND LEXIE 4EVER - or else I'm pretty much done with the show.


I will be so upset if Mark and Lexie don't make it passed this. Although I do understand why Lexie broke up with him, he still loves her and she still loves him and they were my fave couple on GA! I think GA will lose a lot more fans than they already are beginning to if this all keeps up - since George dying, Alex and Izzie in limbo, now Teddy coming btw Owen and Cristina, and Mark and Lexie breaking's like no one relationship on GA can ever be stable in the slightest! I'm just waiting for what's going to come btw Callie and Arizona! Plus, all these new doctors are starting to annoy me. I'm starting to hate Reed and her phony smile, Charlie just seems like a pest, and Avery is pretty much just annoying me.


I am so upset about Mark and Lexie breaking up. I hope it's not forever, they were awesome together. Ms. Rimes just keeps making me so mad! And now, Mer will probably choose Izzie over Lexie, which really sucks b/c they were just becoming real sisters.
I hate this! This show is not worth so much, I am probably done with Greys.


wow. so both my favorite couples being izzie and alex and mark and lexie are broken up. great. greys anatomy is getting worse
and worse since george diedd.


I agree with ana114 whole heartedly. Lexie's not ready for what mark needs right now but I think they'll get back together in the future...they're like derek and meredith...destiny, if you'd like to call it that way.


Really intrigued with the Sam/Addison storyline! Hurry up February!
Wonder who this doctor will be, i'm thinking maybe it could be Noah, i know the actors on Cougar Town but its still possible, i hope its someone we recognize anyway, don't think i can deal with a new character aha!
Oh and as much as i hated the idea, how hot was the Addison/Mark scene in her office?!!


Watching the quick clips for next week, it looks like Lexie is running to catch up with Mark entering the doors. I hope this is going to be her telling Mark she was wrong and wants to fix things. Who knows, maybe she and Mark end up with Sloan's baby to raise. They are so my favorite couple and if the writer's don't fix it, I think I am lost on Grey's too. Their relationship seems to be the real deal and I hope the writers fix it. After the way Izzie has treated Alex, she has no right to hold a grudge. For all he could tell their relationship was over, but he loves her.


To kasia, don't give up on Lex and Mark. They havenot lost their feelings for each other. If you think how many times MerDer broke up and where they are now, it pays to stick with GA.


I loved Mark and Addison as a couple. Addison is the only one for Mark.


i think the mark and lexie break up was a good idea. yea she helped him change for the better but it was getting old. i think the point of there relationship was that and it should end there. he wants to settle down with someone and she wants to still be able to live a little. i can understand that. maybe in the distant future but they're just not right right now. but this alex and lexie thing kinda pissed me off. i would have even rather it had been reed. we've been through the alex and lexie sleeping together thing. i think its getting to be too much of the same shit. but what im most excited for is izzie to come back permanently!! it'll definately provide a lot of drama with the alex and lexie thing between everyone. and i LOVEEEE alex and izzie. they're my favorite. i hope they work things out!
and to see how this christina-owen-teddy thing pans out. i think teddy and christina could be great friends if they can get pass this owen thing!! haha.

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