Heroes Review: "Upon This Rock; Let It Bleed"

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Heroes celebrated the start to 2010 with a two-hour episode that had fans buzzing... and which could easily have been about 10 minutes long.

Someone has to tell Tim Kring that there are only five installments remaining this season, as the finale airs on February 8. Plot developments better start to pick up the pace soon if this show has any chance of getting renewed.

Read through our detailed episode guide to discover what (little) went down this week and let us know if you agree with our character-by-character analysis below...

Hiro was seriously seen on screen for mere minutes, during which time he rambled on about "Dr. Watson" and a castle and other random, historic reference that Ando interpreted as meaning the pair had to go to a mental hospital in Florida. We're not kidding. This was the pair's entire storyline from the two hours. Did Masi Oka lose a bet with writers or something?

HRG and Claire fought. Yes, again. The latter is quickly becoming the most grating character on television, as she refuses to actually embrace her abilities or her place in the world. Note to Claire Bear: you have an amazing power. Use it for something! Anything! Heck, become a villain and destroy the world! At least that would make sense for someone in your position.

Instead, Claire constantly whines about her lot in life, is confused about where she belongs and never seems to understand that her father has a job that often requires lying in the name of the greater good. Does the show actually think viewers aren't sick of these two arguing every other episode?


We do have something positive to say about Samuel and Sylar. It was a pleasure to watch these two characters - the most interesting on the series, played by its best two actors - go head-to-head.

While Sylar stopped being a menacing force seasons ago, at least his apparent destiny of reuniting with Claire enabled the episode to end with a suspenseful cliffhanger. Please, Sylar, kill her and end our suffering.

Peter's storyline wasn't bad, either. Just drawn out and unnecessary. He can only cope with Nathan's death by not thinking about it and helping others? Okay. But isn't that what he was doing when this season started anyway? How has his story advanced this season?

As we leave readers to respond to this review in our Comments section and/or in our Heroes forum, we'll leave you with this question: Do you care at all about Mohinder, Parkman and Tracy anymore?

It's fine for the show to concentrate on different characters from week to week - but those three haven't been heard from in months, and two of them weren't focused on a lot before that. Why are they around? And do you even care what happens to them after all this time?

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The implication is that some time had passed. He may have gone downstairs and met West, collected the power, then reflected before flying. Whatever it was, it wasn't that confusing, and it saved story-telling time, that they're wasting anyway, and it kept them from having to pay the horrendous actor who plays West. This shouldn't be spurring so much discussion. It's one small sore on an overall ailing body. I love this show too much to see what's happening to it. I thought Bryan Fuller would revive it. Where's he been? Is he not writing?


The flight thing was confusing, because it seemed moments had just passed, not an hour or however long it would take for that kid to show up. There was also no indication he meant to call him IMMEDIATELY, and no indication Claire took it that way. But that's not the biggest problem with it. Even if that did take place, it would mean he no longer had the Haitian's power. And he used that in the building that he apparently flew to, to knock out the cop, yes? So how did he fly there? Did he also call the Haitian and have him meet him down the street from the building? Granted I just watched it once and don't feel like wasting time bringing it up to rewatch it, but what am I missing here? How does this make sense?


Ninefold: there were two kids sitting beside Angela at the funeral, who ostensibly were Nathan's. On the otheer side of them was a lady with black hair wearing a veil. We never got a close shot of her, but I'm guessing she is supposed to be the ex-wife. It wasn't Rena Sofer, who played the character in S1, so that is probably why we didn't get to see her. Also, this same woman (I'm guessing) made a pass in the background at Nathan's wake.


I am almost certain that I saw Nathan's kids at the funeral in one of the opening scenes of it, but I didn't see his ex wife.


My biggest complaint was this. Why were Nathan's ex-wife and two sons not at the funeral? Doesn't matter if they weren't married anymore, his sons should have been there.


Aboute Claire vs HRG: come on guys, if she hadn't thrown a tantrum, you would've been crying for plot holes saying "Why the hell isn't Claire mad at Angela and HRG for what they did?". HRG lied to her, let her believe that the guy who cut her head open was her father. And worst of all, she certainly feels she might've saved him if Noah took her blood instead of doing this mind trick "hoping to both contain Sylar and save Nathan at the sime time". That said I too wish we could've seen more plot development. They seem to be holding the plot so hard that the last few episodes could actually be forced to be too fast paced if they want to make anything happen.


I am going to answer your questions first. “Do you care at all about Mohinder, Parkman and Tracy anymore?�
No not really unless they come back with a action scene and kicking some a$$ I don’t even care about those three, I don’t need Tracy back with her unstable abilities, Parkman to try to save the day but yet always fail to do so as well as Mohinder. But again right now Mohinder is the only one who knows about how powerful Samuel is and he is the only one that can tell the others to team up and try to stop him.
That been said call me crazy but I liked this two episode especially Sylar & Samuel part I think it was nice! We have been waiting for them two to have a go for a while.
-Claire was doing great until she started wining like always I hope she happy about finally feeling human for once thanks to uncle Peter, Now can we move on to a better kicking a$$ story.
-Hiro storyline could have been worse if you ask me the guy memories have been modify he actually doing a lot to try to tell Ando the situation, So yes I give him credit for that, even though he sound crazy.
-Emma she awesome seem how powerful she can be is nice to know and that she is a Hero not a Villain makes it even better.
-Peter he has developed he character so much I am glad he is no longer that desperate Peter who took actions before thinking about the consequences , (FYI enough with this holding one power at a time crap I had enough of it give him his full empathy back like before)
-West is good to know that he is not on a drawer with Cailin files and the rest of the missing Heroes.


I swear, sometimes I see your recaps and it's like they were written by my 11-year-old son. He had a hard time wrapping his head around how they staged Nathan's death for public consumption, but even he was able to pick up on Peter's rather pointed queries about West, and then asking Claire to call him to meet Peter. Do you guys have to be shown everything?


Hey knuckleheads! lol As for how Peter flew...were you not paying attention? And have you not realized that this season especially the program "skips" some interaction/dialog to save airtime for other scenes with the idea of advancing the story faster (yeah, ironic, I know...not so affective). But alas, that's their M.O. this season. So, Peter asked Claire if she could call West (who is conveniently at NYU...right there in the same town)..."yes." They're "facebook friends" after all. So the next scene with Peter is him standing on the same roof top, and flying off...not in the "Nathan bullet style", but in the much snickered at (appropriately) "Peter Pan West style" (note the bend of the leg, like old West flew (rather effeminately). OBVIOUSLY (even to me), we as viewers are supposed to note the "Peter Pan West" style of flying and make the assumption that Claire called West, who came to rooftop with Peter and Claire, and shared his ability w/ Peter. Claire goes back to campus "because she has class tomorrow." And Peter is left alone, thereafter flying off like Peter Pan (not bullet Nathan style). The reason it was done that way was (1) to cut the "presumed" scene I describe above, and (2) as sort of a "poetic reveal" that Peter has chosen to honor his brother by using a near-mirror of his brother's ability. And to also poetically "move forward" after his brother's death. [sigh]

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