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While House is always lauded for the performance of Hugh Laurie; the relationship between House and Wilson; and its overall effectiveness as a medical procedural, one criticism often sticks:

Nothing - and, more specifically, no one - ever changes. Even after House's stay in the mental hospital this season, have viewers really seen noticeable changes in the cantankerous doctor?

For that reason, the episode "Remorse" was a welcome hour of television. It dealt directly with the main character's time in the loony bin, focusing on a letter of apology he wrote to a former medical school classmate whose paper he stole back in the day.

As always, Wilson alerted House to his true motives: it's easier to apologize to someone you barely know than someone you truly care about (e.g. Cuddy). But while it seemed as though House was simply going through the remorseful steps at first, actual guilt began to seep into him upon hearing that this man's fate took a turn for the worse due to House's paper switcheroo.

(We'll have to assume that guilt clouded House's usual power of observation, too, as he'd typically have sensed something was up upon seeing what a nice apartment this supposed cashier resided in.)

Thirteen Picture

By the end of the episode, after House dropped the check off at the guy's home in order to stave off eviction, it would be hard to argue that there wasn't a change in him. The old House? He'd still be scheming to break up Cuddy/Lucas and he'd be seeking revenge on the former classmate for lying.

As for the patient of the week, it made the best use of Thirteen in awhile.

We don't care too much about her Huntington's Disease, nor does her relationship with Foreman keep us glued to the screen.

But a verbal showdown with a true psychopath? Fun stuff! Guest star Beau Garrett was ideal in the role of Valerie, as the scene where she warned Thirteen about a lawsuit and then instantly transformed into a loving wife at the sight of her husband sent shivers down our spine.

Our only complaint from the episode? Not nearly enough House and Wilson interaction, though we laughed out loud at House's chess metaphor for their relationship.

These were our other favorite House quotes from the installment:

House: Psychopaths always fascinate me. I think it's their cultural literacy and strong family values. Or is that Jews? | permalink
Dr. Wilson: Wait a minute, is that acutally a check for him?
House: No. It's a giant novelty item for winning the lottery. You're just standing really far away. | permalink
House: I'm gonna pretend to go to work now. | permalink
House: Have sex. Fight. Or quit. Whatever you're doing now isn't working. | permalink

Check out the official Fox promo for next week's episode and let us know what you thought of "Remorse."


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In the very last scene, who's house did DR House drop the check off at? (when he dropped it in the door mail slot). And how did Valerie's husband figure her out? All of the sudden he "knows" she's cheating and then all of the sudden he "knows" she's a psychopath. 2 VERY confusing scenes!!!!!!!!! someone please clarify!


Awesome épisode who relieves me a little... (the pré-christmas starded to fade a little....) I liked the patient.
I liked the B-patient (the cuban), that reminds me of all the good B sides stories of this show (who tends to be a little ignored now)
I like the twist: it wasn't wilson, nor cuddy who tried to con HOUSE, it was jack-what's-his-name!! Nicely done, my bet was on wilson..
The pararrell House/Physchopath fits well after the House/Asperger, whe are indeed exploring a lot more house's insight since his therapy.
On the same line, they should have kept running 5 episodes minimum imo: you don't cut on opium-based products in 7 weeks (alegendly) and show absolutly NO side effects a few weeks later. Especially in this episode, House is guilted and remorseful LIKE HELL and yet, not only doesn't he stay off drugs, he is not even showing any discumfort at all about his leg when things dont go as planned (Psychopathy was a symptom: check house! Yet he didn't fell the usual OCD:" no one leaves until you figured out, i'm going to outdrug me in my sofa, seeya ". Although, even if the ending is kinda good, 13 showed a little anti social behavior at firt, even if that"s far for phsycho, she should have at leat feel guilty in the end for having discarded phsycho as a symptom. (yet again: neither did house so... fair enough i guess)
With her hunttington she wants to matter, she wants to help, she want to do great things.
Apparently the patient was super smart, plus the small talk with her sister, i though she would have realized that a woman like her could have bigger impact in the world than most people.
My point is: if 13 had tested her liver in the end, willing to save her, but that she died anyway due to the late wake up call.
We would have been 13 not only being reminded that she miss 4love (chart's lecture), but that she miss saving people who matter, even if she doesn't like them.
Add a little guilt on her face, it would have made this episode a nice "fable de la fontaine" morally relevant. (PS: my main language is french so if you want me to clarify something, i get it!)

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