Huge Gossip Girl Spoiler Alert: Read at Own Risk

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As Gossip Girl spoilers go, this is a bombshell. We don't mean to overhype it, but if you're a fan of the show, we're pretty positive you will have some strong feelings about it.

Seriously, don't follow the jump unless you're ready to have a major plot point given away when the show returns in March. Or if you have a belt and or shoelaces nearby.

Read on if you dare ...

Chuck and Blair are breaking up, according to E! Online. Gasp. The website's sources at the CW "aren't even trying" to put a good spin on this shocking romantic twist.

Insiders say "It's a bad, bad breakup." Holy crap. Apparently, "the culprit will be Chuck" and Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington) is also implicated in the demise of Chair.

That Basstard!

Even More Chair

The rumor going around is that it starts to unravel in the 17th episode of the year, perhaps fittingly titled (Inglourious Bassterds), which is set to air in mid-April.

Thoughts on this stunning Gossip Girl spoiler? Any chance it's a plant to throw off spoiler-crazed fans, only to result in a pleasant surprise or quick reconciliation?

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If chair breaks up i never ever watch gg again!!!!!!! i love those two!


wow cool i really dont care if this is real or fake, it would be nice if it wasnt real tho i like chair they are cute, but i think that there is plenty of drama in this season (3) cant wait till march 8th!!!


i'm a big fan of chair but i was also bored about all things that happened recently i just wanted some blair and chuck action not the same happy routine so thanks for the show




i'm a BIG Chair fan and i love the dynamic between the two, sad to say i guess this would be happening, what can you do with a couple who are together.. i hope the breakup is not long though.

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