Jennie Garth: Done with 90210

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At last night's Golden Globe Awards, Jennie Garth walked the red carpet.

When asked about her status on 90210, the actress said she was done filming scenes as Kelly Taylor. She's taking time away from acting to focus on writing a children's book and starting an unspecific project with husband Peter Facinelli.

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Kelly hasn't been involved in a storyline in some time. Debbie has taken exception to Harry's relationship with his co-worker over the last few weeks, but Garth made it clear awhile ago that she wouldn't let her character be involved in an affair.

It's unclear if 90210 viewers will ever see Kelly again.

The show doesn't return until March 9, and Garth may have meant she was simply done filming new scenes, yet will still appear in some that have already been shot. Guess we'll need to tune in and find out.

Will you miss Kelly on the show? Sound off now in our 90210 forum!

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Give Jennie Garth a Good storyline to wrap up her departure. She is an amazing actrees that could of brought so much to the new 90210. Her character in 90210 was not taken seriously. THe producers and writer should of given Jennie Garth Character more depth and and strong storyline that could of tied her in to the new residents of 90210. The Character of Kelly Taylor was popular in the original 90210, she could of came back taking over the After Dark fillin in for David, and the producers could of brought back Valerie or someone related to Valerie to take back the After DArk, Bascially the producer and writers should of brought back some of that old 90210 drama. For example, Look at melrose place. THat show is amazing, Every character has a motive. a goal and they are full of secrets. the story telling on melrose place has alot of intrigue,. In addition with the return of Michale and Amanda on Melrose Place makes it more captivating to watch, In Melrose place they have Michale and AManda involved in a good story lines with tha new Residents in melrose place. Theres alot of interaction with Amananda and Ella.Amanda tires to make it difficult for Ella by blackmailing her. Michale black mails Lauren about her call girl status...In conclusion 90210 needs a major improvement and it needs to be more realistic. THe story lines on 90210 from last season and season 2 are very boring to tune in to. The Girl fight, Lesbian story line, and the boys fighting are acts of desperate Story telling with no meaning to watch. To the writer and producers, Learn frOm Melrose PlACE, GIVE 90210 FANS A REASON TO WATCH 90210. i UNDERSTAND THE NEW 90210 IS ABOUT HAVING ITS OWN IDENITY, BUT THERE STILL NEEDS TO BE SOME HISTORY BROUGH BACK TO 90210 WITH SOME OF THE ORGINALS CHARACTERS. TO IMPROVE 90210 RATINGS, BRING BACK SOME OF THE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS FOR SEASON THREE AND INVOLVE THEM IN A MAJOR STORY LINE THAT WILL TIE THEM IN TO THE NEW STUDENTS AT WEST BEVERLY. ALSO BRING BACK SOME OF THE 90210 DRAMA TO SPICE UP THE NEW SHOW.


I hope that if she does leave then her story line will be wrapped up by bringing Dylan back.


i'll miss jennie garth but i hope she finishes the season with rob estes..... and i hear tori spelling will be coming back in season 2 also... but i dont know when.


its time thet let all the old charcters from bsck in the day go they had thier time its not like melrose place this is a teenage show with teens in high school its time for all the originals go with melrose place thier in thier 20 and up and they still look young and they have adult stoylines 90210 is teenaged base big diffrence and it needs its own identity


Well honestly, I'm glad.
I feel as though the original character belong on the original show. They don't even have storylines they deserve on this show. It's mostly about the kids.


She needs to stay because it is already ridiculous that Naomi is running around with no type of parental control... did anyone else notice that her mom is STILL in Paris??


I LOVE KELLY...(she is so finneeeee) I was hoping that some of the originals would be on board once in a while to stop in. They need to either bring Dylan or Brandon back to wrap up her story, but I dont want her to permanently leave.


I am SO hoping that she will wrapp up her storyline and not just simply dissapear -.- she was a great character and i will miss her..
if they do the same thing with Kelly like with Ethan i will be SO angry

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.