Jennifer Morrison: Returning to House!

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Surprising, great casting news out of Fox today:

Sources have confirmed that Jennifer Morrison is returning to House. While the context of Cameron's return to Princeton Plainsboro are being kept under wraps, an insider told Michael Ausiello straight out:

"You will see Cameron again on House before the end of the season.”

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Morrison recently joined the Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker. It's unclear when she'll tape her House episode(s), but producers never did rule out a return for her character.

For now, it's just nice to hear that the actress - who left the show suddently and amidst a cloud of controversy - hasn't taped her final scene.

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Cameron was one of my favorite characters, actually Chase & Foreman too. The three were a great team and when they were all written off, I stopped watching. Once Chase and Foreman came back, I started watching again. You get so wrapped up in these characters, I don't know why they write them off. It just kills the show. I want Cameron to come back for good. The original cast was the best as far as I'm concerned.


Finally some good news again. I'm so totally happy with Cameron coming back that I don't even have demands under what kind of circumstances she'll return or if we finally get Hameron. I just don't want a continuation of Chase/Cameron marriage debacle.


YES!!! Best news of the entire season. I'm really glad Cameron's coming back, no matter what the circumstances, and I'd really like to see Hameron happen, but, we'll see what the writers decide.


My geuss is Cameron is pregnant and somethings wrong and House is trying to figure it out while everyone is trying to keep Chase out of the loop.

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