Jon Bon Jovi to Be Included Among Liz Lemon's Ex-Boyfriends

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As previously reported, Jon Hamm will reprise his role as Dr. Drew Baird on the February 11, Valentine's Day-themed episode of 30 Rock.

But might he somehow not be the studliest stud on that week's installment?!?

The episode will reunite Liz Lemon will several ex-boyfriends, including Hamm's Drew; Dean Winters' Dennis Duffy; Jason Sudeikis' Floyd... and Jon Bon Jovi's Jon Bon Jovi!

Jon Bon Jovi

Why do all these former flames pop up? Because "Liz is upset to learn Floyd is not only getting married, but is competing to get a free wedding on The Today Show," says star Tina Fey.

Why did Bon Jovi ever date Liz Lemon? That's harder to explain, but we can't wait to find out.

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who do not want to be with a handsome singer????? unless you aren't of this world. I LOVE HIM!!!!!


Nice BIG picture of Jon...nice to have the heads up....will Becca be there... omg Liz Lemon you girlfriend know how to pick em......I'm lovin it...good tv guys...and I haven't seen it yet,,,now
promo the VDAY show across all the rockin radio stations -
coast to coast....and you may get IDOLS numbers...good luck.... And remember if Lorre comes over to jam me...I'll put myself in a fedxbag and be there in a NY minute...

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