Leighton Meester's New Single "Your Love is a Drug"

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Leighton Meester's newest single, "Your Love is a Drug," has leaked online. What do you think of it? Better or worse than her other music? Should she stick to acting? Is she capable of achieving actual music stardom with her talent?

Play the video below and see if you're a fan ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/your-love-is-a-drug/" title="Your Love is a Drug"] [/video]

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I love her music.
It was on The Unblairable Lightness of Being


oh my god!!!!!!! i love this song. i have been trying to download it for a while now and nothing is coming up. does anybody know where i can get it? i love leighton, she has always been my favourite character on Gossip Girl.


I am ADDICTED to this song!!!! Can't wait to see what else she's got in store...!!!


This sounds like a revamped 80s-style/vocal song. Stick to acting, Leighton. While your singing is fine, the song's merit does not become anyone.


its bloody great
she should stick to both


While I actually liked her other songs, this one seems too...pop for her. She could definitely do better. Anybody recall her version Bette Davis Eyes? They should give her more serious material because she DOES have the potential to make an even better singer than she is now. As amusing--sort of--as the Lady Gaga age is, a little more originality should be demanded from aspiring singers, especially with someone who has such a potential as Leighton. Please don't hate me for going American Idol here:) I do adore LM though:) I love her to freaking pieces.


love it & she is looking better & better


Realy great love the song & she's looking better & better


I heard that Lady Gaga appeared on a dating community ***WealthySeeker.c0m **
with a personal account there. M?????????????????????? is that ture???????????????


I like it actually. I didn't really like her other song but this one is good.


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