Luddy Sex Scene: Coming to House!

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We're very sorry, Huddy fans.

But there's still a hot and heavy dose of Lucas and Cuddy to come on House.

In a discussion with TV Guide this week, Michael Weston talks about his role on the Fox drama as Cuddy's new boyfriend, along with a steamy scene that will turn the stomach of a certain, cantankerous doctor on staff...

On his character's return: After the first few episodes I did last year, there were rumblings of a romance with Cuddy. I think they decided to bring back someone that offered something to Lisa's character but also face off with Hugh. Hugh and I have a really good chemistry, and I think it was really fun for them to have someone that could sort of be a foil to House. Lucas is one of the only people who can give it right back to him.

On the love triangle: I think Cuddy has a thing for House, and Lucas sort of has a thing for House — in terms of his friendship. They get along like buddies, and they're both intrigued by the others' profession. And they both can use each other, which they do. It's almost like it's a love triangle with this ever-present third party. It's an intellectual ménage à trois.

On an upcoming sex scene: The Cuddy-Lucas affair gets steamier. Those are always moments that are awkward [for actors]. You're still getting to know each other and there's like five dudes holding equipment, looking at you thinking, "What's up? Yeah, I see you there naked. That's cool."


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