Major Car Accident: Coming to One Life To Live

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Something "epic" is about to go down on One Life to Live.

That's how producer Frank Valentini describes the multi-car collision that will take place next month on the show, as numerous characters converage during a snowstorm on Llantano Mountain.

“[It[ will be more epic in scale than the plane crash we staged [in 2006] and the impact more far-reaching. It’ll blow everyone’s mind," Valentini told TV Guide Magazine.

Car crash

In the end, 15 characters will be involved in the pile-up, and it's all because Mitch has kidnapped daughter Jessica. Others arrive at the mountain hideaway with various goals: to save Jessica, to kill Mitch, to reveal paternity secrets, to find out the fate of loved ones, etc.

While we won't reveal too much about the event's fall-out, fans will be happy about this consequence:

Evil stripper Stacy Morasco will plummet through ice to her death. Said Valentini: 

“Whether you hate Stacy or love to hate her, February is your month. The end is going to be very satisfying for everybody. It’s really kind of delicious.”

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OMG I so cannot wait for this to happen. I have been wondering about Stacy. And the baby and the father overall overwelming


I wish they would have just changed her character. Allowed her love for her baby to overshadow her love for Rex and just tell the truth about everything and apologize to Gigi. You have to remember, she is an actress, this is who they tell her to be, and tho I hate her and have too wished her killed off of the show, in reality this is a normal woman losing her job:-(

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