Masi Oka Hypes "Big Showdown" on Heroes

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Over the last couple seasons on Heroes, we've been extremely tough on the character of Hiro - and for good reason.

The NBC drama has utterly destroyed this once-entertaining, once-intriguing individual. He's now reduced to an immature idiot that confusingly travels through time and makes selfish, irrational decisions (way to break open your dad's safe last season, dude!).

This criticism is no reflection of Masi Oka, though, who continues to do the best with the material he's given. The actor spoke to Fancast this week about the storylines to come as Heroes heads toward a season - and, likely, series - finale.

In the interview, Oka admits that the show changes it rules on time traveling each season, a major criticism TV Fanatic has had of the show...

On Hiro's journey: He now he has three specific goals to accomplish: deal with his brain tumor, rescue Suresh, and find Charlie (played by ‘Glee’s’ Jayma Mays). That is a more concrete mission than he had in the first half of the season.

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On when Samuel's master plan will be revealed: Within the first two episodes. And towards the end of the season, you’re going to see some unlikely alliances – and some unlikely enemies as well.

On division among the Heroes: A big showdown is coming up, and it involves the crossing of paths for many characters.

On time travel confusion: The rules do change every year. That’s just the nature of time travel storytelling, which is hard to manage. The writers have some creative liberty, so we hope the audience will just go for the ride and not focus on the technicalities of it.

On whether this is the final season of Heroes: Everything’s up in the air. It’s no secret that our ratings have slipped from Season 1, but creatively I think this is the second-strongest season. We want the crew to be working as well, but so many things go into these decisions.

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I think what Maj is trying to say is that INTERNATIONALLY (i.e. NOT just US ratings) the show still has a strong following. Ratings may well be down in the US but the profit NBC makes from DVD sales and international broadcast prove it is still popular (maybe not as much as for season 1) but there are lower rated shows INTERNATIONALLY. For NBC to consider cancelling the show because it's not as big Stateside would be foolish and totally ignores the INTERNATIONAL following of the show (sorry for the caps but I don't know how to make text italic).

Matt richenthal

That's not our assumption, Maj. Follow the link on the article. We're quoting a source from NBC.
The show may have a dedicated fan base, but it's the lowest-rated drama on network television. I assure you, there's no biased on our part there. That's just a fact.


I feel like you guys dont understand how much of a fan base their is for this show which spands across the to assume this is the series final season is ludicrous!! Masi Oka is a talented actor....his character Hiro who the beef is with because everyone wants that character to be Mature now. If a showdown is coming lets keep it understandable with Samuel being the Villain at the end. I would HATE TO SEE any of our Heroes becoming villains because they tried that in the Villains/Fugitives Arcs.

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