More on Last Night's Big Gossip Girl Spoiler

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You've surely all heard the news and reacted to the major Gossip Girl spoiler dropped last night. We can't keep a lid on this forever, but just in case you choose not to read about it, we kept the details of this plot development after the jump.

We've done the same with today's update, in which another source confirms the report. Read on for what another TV insider has to say about the subject:

Entertainment Weekly reports that "the rumors are true: Chuck and Blair will hit a significant (and potentially irreparable) rough patch at the end of the season."
Chair in the Park

Can Chair salvage its relationship? Could this be a ruse to throw fans off? How do you feel about the situation? Tell us by leaving your comments!

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I had that same theory!-like Jack was going to blackmail him into spending a night with Blair...i just cant fathom the cheating thing...seems waay too obvious. The names of the episodes are pretty weird so the show seems like its going to take a dark turn...i cant wait. i have no one else to theorize with and its killing me!!! :)


i hope there going somewhere with this story line cause seriously if they mess up chuck and blair that is gonna be so so sad. But didn't one of the writers or cast say that they were gonna keep them together like ross and rachel from friends like have them break up but always knew they were gonna get back together again. I think this will, in time, pan out so they end up getting back together. Fingers crossed...


potentially irraparable?? NOO!!!!!!!! i think they need to break up 2 get some spice but they need to keep up their attraction to each other, jealousy etc some gud season 2 type episodes! nd if chair is not endgame i am goin to......... well i dunno, write an angry letter r sumthin!


i like the idea. i want to see some first season Chuck and Blair, trying to hate or sabotage each other. kind of fun. what's not fun is the hiatus till March. gosh. x_x


I don't want chair to break up but it would make good TV if like Blair sprials out of control from the break up and Chuck has to come to her rescue and begs to get back with her and then they will finally live happily ever after :-) but I don't get why the writers can't just have another GG couple go through all this drama


If they break up Chuck & Blair I will NEVER watch this show AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Although Chuck & Blair are my favorite couple on GG, I think that a little rough patch in their relationship would do some good. They definitely need to do something to spice up that storyline. Chuck and Blair are starting to seem like an old married couple. BUT... I hope the producers don't make their break up the irreparable kind and I'd also hate to see them off/on/off/on/off like Meredith and Derek went through on Grey's Anatomy otherwise the show will see see HUGE ratings drop. Viewers do not like to be jerked around.


Me too. :) Dan and Serena were truly adorable together...and especially with their parents married now, the drama potential's amazing. I mean, how awkward would it be? Whose house could they go to to hang out/make out at? Although on the flip side, Serena and Dan living together as boyfriend/girlfriend would be really fun. Can you imagine Lily and Rufus trying to discipline them while they're on a date? Lmao! @m
Yes! Danessa is just...odd. Vanessa was much more likable as the budding filmmaker with an unrequited love for Dan. Derena is (hopefully) endgame...I'm hoping Serenate is a phase, though I agree it has to happen at this point. *sigh* But Derena was natural and cute. Danessa is forced and extremely awkward. Why would Dan go for a girl he's known all his life, and who has been in love with him all his life, just now? She's been there. Why the change in heart? ...besides, they're kind of painful to watch together, and through no fault of the actors. But more importantly, bring back Derena! I loved Serena's struggles as bad-girl-gone-good. Some of her best episodes focused on her not so nice past (said not so nice past brought us Georgie as well, who we both agreed is fantastic!). I don't like her whole, "I'm trying to find myself" kick. She doesn't seem deep enough for that. Not that she isn't an emotional character; she is. I just think she would be more into optimism and looking for the best things in life during her good-girl phase. Angst doesn't become Serena. I do remember her epic photoshoot. :) I agree- modeling is perfect for Serena! If I could pick things for the GG characters to do:
Serena = model
Blair = stage actress/queen of NYU
Chuck = super suave businessman by day, sexy lover of Blair by night
Nate = forming his own identity AWAY from his corrupt family. Or restoring the Vanderbilt/Archibald names.
Jenny = fashion designer/queen of Constance
Dan = struggling poet
Vanessa = back to her original self (i.e., avant garde videomaker. Not competing with Blair. Which is rather hypocritical of her, actually)
Georgie = whatever the heck she wants (except being with Dan) But anyway... ^_^ And Chair...exactly. You took the words right out of my mouth. Some of the biggest drama in Season 2 was Chuck's struggles to say "I love you." Fans adored it. Now that we've jumped across that hurdle, shouldn't we see their growing relationship? (besides, Chuck has his own bloody hotel. And clubs. How many more places do you need for awesome makeout scenes between Blair and Chuck!?) *sigh* Silly writers. Blair is my favorite, and I cringe every time she backs down. What have the writers done to her? What happened to the indomitable queen of the UES? I actually like Jenny in her positiona as queen too. I just wish someone would challenge her occasionally- she's from Brooklyn. She's "new money." And even Blair wasn't that bitchy. There's no way they'd all bow to her just like that. Oh, and for God's sake: PLEASE STOP LETTING TAYLOR MOMSEN'S FASHION SENSE INFLUENCE JENNY'S CHRACTER. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON. (this is not a knock to Taylor Momsen's fashion sense. However, Jenny had an utterly different style, and while she was edgy, she wouldn't go so far as to wear heavy black eyeshadow and fishnets). And yes! Everyone was mentioning how awkward Jenny and Nate's relationship was because of the actors' age differences...but I didn't see ANY awkwardness in their performances! Their characters are closer in age, and they had excellent chemistry. That make-out scene WAS fantastic! It made me go, "Wow. Totally didn't expect them as a couple. But they go surprisingly well together." Thanks to you as well M! :) Your posts are equally fantastic!


i think that it makes the show interesting... and if it is irrepairable...thats probably a lie to see what ppl think


I think that Chuck might get blackmailed by Jack or it has something to do with a deal Jack is offering Chuck and in return a night with Blair?Something like in an "Indecent proposal" or it gets even worse as Jack is doing something horrible to Blair and Chuck knows and let it happen because of the deal? Everybody would hate Chuck then...

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