More on Last Night's Big Gossip Girl Spoiler

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You've surely all heard the news and reacted to the major Gossip Girl spoiler dropped last night. We can't keep a lid on this forever, but just in case you choose not to read about it, we kept the details of this plot development after the jump.

We've done the same with today's update, in which another source confirms the report. Read on for what another TV insider has to say about the subject:

Entertainment Weekly reports that "the rumors are true: Chuck and Blair will hit a significant (and potentially irreparable) rough patch at the end of the season."
Chair in the Park

Can Chair salvage its relationship? Could this be a ruse to throw fans off? How do you feel about the situation? Tell us by leaving your comments!

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if chuck+jenny happens. i'd seriously stop watching


Chenny? Really? God, no. Jenny would NEVER sleep with her almost rapist. Besides, Chuck is madly in love with Blair. And he has also admitted Jenny's gone power crazy. What's the attraction? And if Chenny That writers really HAVE lost it. Though I do agree Chair has been flat this season...they should have had a very interesting relationship dynamic, but the writers kind of killed it. I loved that Chuck grew up, but Blair should have grown with him, and their relationship should have been explored in depth...without the weird "games." And then they became filler. In my opinion...this is the Season 3 that should have been:
(1) Chuck learns to handle power as a businessman; Blair matures and stands beside him as a beautiful partner/lover
(2) Blair still manages to rule NYU, through her awesomeness (becomes a star at Tisch, and consequently, becomes an important actress in the NYC theatre scene.
(3) Blair and Jenny have a mini-fight over who's the real queen (Blair ends up being empress sort of figure)
(4) Jenny tries her hand at fashion again, and struggles to balance her flowering career as a young designer with her role as queen (and putting down a few rebellions)
(5) Serena figures out what in God's name to do with her life.
(6) Nate and Serena explore their feelings for each other.
(7) Vanessa goes to study abroad in Europe to make a documentary (and mysteriously never returns).
(8) Dan has to deal with the fact that Jenny's turning into a mini Blair and leaving him behind, along with the fact that Serena's moved on to Nate, Vanessa's totally left, and his one poem was all that got published. Looks like Lonely Boy's still lonely.
(9) Eleanor and Cyrus come back. Because they're awesome.
(10) Jenny casts Serena as a model in her upcoming fashion show. When Nate hangs out at rehearsals for the show, there's a TON of flirting between Nate and Jenny...consequently, Serena-Nate-Jenny love triangle. But yeah. That's just what I WISH would have happened. :/


Ridiculous. I felt that we haven't really even seen them working as a couple. This season, they seem to be friends more than anything. If things had at least been sexy or even fun, I would not be so disappointed, but Chair has not been what the writers hyped it to be. Furthermore, they've lied the whole season regarding Chair, what with their "they won't break up" spoilers. Chair fans are a crucial part of the audience, and if they don't think viewers will turn away due to this and the general crappiness of season three, they're wrong. I'll keep watching, but damn. Come on.


Well I guess that this will be one more show I will be not watching.......I've hated this season that there has been no Chair really, and now reading this spoiler ends it......I will at least give them the benefit of a doubt to see what and where they go with it till the end of season 3, but Jenny ewwwww!!!!!!!!!
If my fav couple, the whole reason why I even still watch the show are done, done.......well I guess then so am I.....I've read this is how they ruined the OC.
Very first it was Dan and S and but I always had Chair and I loved how HOT of a couple they were, now there getting rid of Chair?????
I understand trying to reach ALL of the fan base, so a little break up,sure but what I've read on here, most fans love chair. So what the hell????


You are all nerds... Its a show


i honestly don't know what they can make chuck do that will ruin this relationship...i mean blair has put up with sooo much of his bull that the only way to get rid of her is if he killed her and i don't think he'd do that. and i have no idea what jack would have to do with it, but whatever it is, i can't see how they're going to do this. and i mean i have a very vivid imagination. i think they're lying, but HEY that's just the writers do suck. they haven't been showing us enough chair...i mean i love me some sernate but chair! we waited 3 seasons for their hot sex scenes like that of season 1 and 2, but when they're finally together they never show them. i think they're trying to hard to make them a normal couple, which they def. are not. normal couples don't have that much sexual potential or whatever...i mean they have enough but their's is just off the charts and you can't expect them to just do bf/gf shit...their epic


I'm not a big TV fan, but I liked Gossip Girl - only because of the well-written and well-acted characters of Chuck and Blair. There's enough angst, bad relationships, and general miserableness in the real world. I want to see glamour, style, and a fairytale happy ending for Chuck and Blair. I won't be tuning back in come March after hearing this news. Season 3 Chuck and Blair have been lame in comparison to the first two seasons. The answer is for the writers to get it in gear and rise to the challenge of writing them well as a couple - not break them up. How lazy. It's apparently easier to create drama with a breakup than write an interesting, functioning couple. I'll watch my Season 1 and 2 dvds, get my fairytale ending there, and ignore the wrong turn this series took with this unfortunate season.


I agree C. I am so dissapointed. We waited two seasons to see chair together and what do we get? NOTHING. Their relationship is only being used as filler this season, they had no storyline together and now they are breaking up? If they are over for good I dont think i have any more reason to watch the show.


Great, i hate blair. chuck deserves much better, i hope he cheats on her


Throughout Season 2 they strung along the idea of Chuck and Blair together and after a season of the idea they finally became an official item. This season they have COMPLETELY disappointed me. They have not made Chuck and Blair interesting at all - they may be the core couple this season but there was hardly any deep storylines that involved the couple, other than Blair fighting her own wars and Chuck fighting his. They were definitely the filler scenes of this season. Now that I learn that they will break up, it angers me because we were constantly reminded that they were a strong couple only through discussions with writers or in spoilers, not the show itself. We were never given a chance to see what this "great" relationship was all about and now they're just destroying it.

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Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

Gossip Girl

Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
Penelope: A Jack Bass sex tape?
Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?