NCIS: Los Angeles Producer: Dom is Gone; No One is Safe!

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NCIS: Los Angeles began and ended last night's episode, "Missing," with the disappearance of rookie agent Dom Vaile. The story was left wide open to interpretation.

Until now. Cast member Adam Jamal Craig (Dom) is leaving the hit procedural, according to Entertainment Weekly, which spoke with snow creator Shane Brennan.

The only question is when. Pretty much the only thing clear after last night was that this is the shocking, emotional story teased by producers earlier this month.

Dom Vaile

Adam Jamal Craig (Dom Vaile) is leaving NCIS: Los Angeles.

The pilot episode of Lost originally called for Jack to be killed off immediately after establishing him as the main character. Dom is no Jack, but his departure did come out of nowhere, and seemed to be engineered to generate the same kind of shock value.

Tuesday's episode left the character’s fate very much up in the air. Is Dom dead? Will his kidnapping remain an unsolved mystery? Why was Craig written out?

Follow the jump for excerpts from EW's interview with Brennan in which he addresses the fate of Dom and more regarding this unfinished NCIS: Los Angeles business ...

Q: Where’s Dom?

Shane Brennan: He’s gone. He’s out there somewhere.

Q: Will the team continue to search for him?

Shane Brennan: They’re not about to leave one of their own unaccounted for, but life goes on. They’ve got cases to solve. So they continue to do that and wonder.

Q: How long will this story play out for?

Shane Brennan: It will arc the rest of the season ... in the great tradition of NCIS, it doesn’t mean that having answered the questions we won’t pose more.

Q: Why did you decide to write out a main cast member this early?

Shane Brennan: To my mind, particularly in the first season of a show, there is no main cast. The audience is meeting a whole bunch of characters and you get the opportunity to play around with them. I’m a great believer in playing with the audience’s expectations. No one’s safe.

Q: What was Adam’s reaction?

Shane Brennan: He was incredibly professional. Everyone’s aware that these sorts of things can happen. I warned everyone that I shake things up all the time.

And by the way, just because Dom’s missing doesn’t mean you won’t see him again. There’s blood in the car, but is he dead? Alive? What’s going to happen?

There is a powerful episode to come that will provide some resolution.

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does anyone mind if i strangle Shane anymore??? cause that's what i am about to do...go get on a flight and then jump in a cab and go to the set!! wait out till i see Shane and the ATTACK!


SON OF A MOTHERLESS GOAT! This is how you 'shake things up'? You kill off a character AFTER saving him? WHY? Why bother to kill off a character? Is it really to create more life-like or excited television? Or is it just to screw with the people who actually like the shows you make? Screw you, Brennan! You're a hack who favours twists rather than plot development. I used to love NCIS, but I'm never watching your shows again.


I have to agree with Joe Bob. It may be a generation thing, but I've seen "cop series" on TV
since the '60s. The characters are stereotypes (google the "Mod Squad", the "A Team", or
"TJ Hooker"). Chris O'donnel plays a character with a mysterious past, how unoriginal !
The only things that change over the years are the visuals and gadgets: hi-tech command
centers, comm. gear, etc. The scripts are uninspired and BORING. If you are mature enough
to watch a well-written, well-acted series like "The Shield" (starring Michael Chiklis) you will
see a quality cop series. It was a cable tv series that was cancelled about 2 yrs. ago.


Needless to say I am a crazed fan of NCIS as is my wife judy.The characters are so unique and developed its a joy to watch.The episodes involving zida and denozzo were as good as anything i've ever seen on television.The entire episodes involving zida and her adventure onthe boat.You add denozzo and Jethro amd it reminded me of the opening in the movie "the Bourne Identity".The actors are unique and They are smart in giving Jimmy more air time.He is good.Why isn't he given a credit on the show?NCIs LA will have to grow considerably to even come close! ReallyLike the older Gal who is the director(she brings real personality to the role).What is with the tall actor.He has no lines and the ones he's given are said without emotion and very wooden!Sorry but Chris and LL Cool are not helping the show!!


Joe Bob: People don't really take your comments seriously because you don't know how to express yourself appropriately. I do feel sorry for you because of your obvious ignorance -- you really have no idea how you have embarrassed yourself with your language and insults. No one else really cares what you think. These posts do tend to bring out the worst in some people because no one knows who you are -- but you need to realize that it's really not cool to be mean spirited. I hope you get help with your anger issue.


I was very upset when they killed off Kate on the original NCIS, but I think the episode that followed we very well done. It gave closure not only to her team but also to the viewers. As for Dom being "kidnapped" well I think they need to make it seem like they are at least keeping his memory alive. I really enjoyed Tony having a serious girlfriend, lets hope they bring her back or give him a new one. As for the people who post nasty, rude and obscene comments on here, they should be removed. No one needs to here from ignorant and rude people.


This really disappointed me. I figured that they would solve things in the next episode, but nooo. The next episode just made me feel like I missed something. And I know that in this line of profession people go missing and or die all the time, but the team really doesn't even seem to miss him. When Kate died on NCIS, the next episode was spent showing how much they all missed her and it resolved what happened previously. AND, it wouldn't hurt if they bring Dom's name up now and again, ya know? I love this show but that just didn't work for me. You can't just cut a main character this early in the season (Especially a new show like this one) and expect fans to still watch it, it just doesn't work.


Joe should keep comments like that to yourself. Kinsey's eye is actually a rare birthmark and I'm sure you couldn't come up with a better script yourself, and you probably couldn't act either so maybe you should leave the insults out...


This is the worst damn show on television. It is so stupid. The stories are lame, the dialogue is crap and the acting is horrible. LL Cool J should stick to rap because he sucks balls as an actor. Shane Brennan ruined NCIS and his spinoff is a total piece of shit. I would have cut Eric, he really sucks and what the fuck is wrong with Kinsey's eye. This show blows ass!


Dourdan was already leaving CSI before the drug charge.

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