NCIS Spoilers: "Spark Still There" For Ziva and Tony

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The January 26 episode of NCIS, "Jetlag," finds Tony and Ziva in Paris on business.

But what many inquiring fans of TV's top show want to know is whether there will be more than business taking place between the special agents in the City of Light?

“The episode puts them in the most romantic city in the world,” NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan said, noting that “and it puts them in the same hotel room.”

But does anything actually happen in that room?

Tony and Ziva on the Move

“There will be a realization that the spark is still there,” he says. “It doesn’t mean something is going to be resolved, but it does mean that the journey may have started again."

That's about as cryptic as it gets, Shane. Talk about choosing words carefully!

“It’s a long road back,” Brennan adds. “When you think about what they went through, for them to resolve what happened and come to terms with that, it’s a long road back.”

Somehow, we imagine restless Tiva fans are willing to travel that road.

Romantic developments between them or not, it's a joy to watch the interplay between NCIS cast members Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo week in and week out.

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It a long road back from what happened in the last 2 episodes of season 6. With Tony killing the guy Ziva liked. As much as i love Tiva, i like how the writers tease us so much with it. So if anything major were to happen soon, i'd be disappointed. It's the anticipation and the not knowing, of when or if anything will happen between them that hooks most people in.


Im a HUGE Tiva fan, and totally agree with everything Amy has said :) I cant wait for something to happen between them, or even just listening to them bickering and hearing the Ziva-isms.
“It’s a long road back,� Brennan adds. “When you think about what they went through, for them to resolve what happened and come to terms with that, it’s a long road back.�
I dont get that though... road back from what? Its not like theyve been an item before. Anyway, heaps of anti-Tivas are saying that a potential Tiva hook-up would ruin the show, but the NCIS writers are clever enough to make it a hit and twist it into the story in a way which wont ruin the show at all, perhaps make it better. I know I wont be switching off if it happens :D


I'm a huge Tiva fan! Looking forward to the new episode! Tony and Ziva getting together would be awesome. It's an ensemble show, so they can easily get together. And the dynamic won't change as much. It's different if it's like X-Files when you only have Mulder and Scully. Here, you have a team. So I'm hoping for Tony and Ziva!


Love every moment of Tony and Ziva. Opposites attract and I know the writers can swing this relationship without ruining the team.


yep!!! I second that DJ! Love the Tiva. if that died it would not be long b4 my interest in NCIS did too. I want to see stuff as saucy (if more so) as the ep 'UNDERCOVERS' Can't wait to see the Jan 26th ep.


I absolutely adore Tiva, and think that their amazing chemistry and banter are an enormous strength of the show. Bring it on, I say. I can't wait for Tiva in Paris. And I cannot understand how some people don't like them and can't see that they have both been attracted to each other for years now. Did the doubters not see 7.01 and 7.02. The caring and angst between Tony and Ziva is right there for all to see. The banter and bickering between them is part of their "thing".


Awesome however Michael and Cote aren't together sooo... they have nothing to do with Tiva. Anyways I love the constant love looks between these characters time to act on this!!!


No! How can anyone NOT be excited for Tiva to be starting back up again? It's one of the best personal/character undercurrents the show has going for it! NCIS is, of course, great on its own, but the sparks between the characters make it amazing. I'm sure that myself and other Tiva (and McAbby) fans will wait it out to see them start back down that road; we just wish it wasn't so dragged out already! Though the producer is right, it will most likely take a while.


I hope they don't spoil my favorite show with a romance between Tony and Ziva. I didn't mind when, and this is the only hint I ever got from the show, they had Ziva seeming to pine after Tony with him being pretty oblivious or uninterested. That would work, but not to have him attracted to her, especially after all of her accusations about him being jealous! His character has always been a ladies man...not one who went after woman who constantly put him down and let him know how much better and faster and stronger and more trained, etc. than he is... Let them focus more on the team dynamic and more Tony and Gibbs time together!!!


That's really unfortunate if it's true. Here's hoping it's a typical SB spoiler and it doesn't actually mean anything. Tiva = fastest way to kill the show.

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