NCIS Spoilers: Season Finale Has "Already Started"

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We're barely into the second half of the season, but speculation over the finale of NCIS this May has already begun - in part thanks to previous season-ending shockers.

In the past two years, we've seen Director Jenny Shepard killed, Gibbs given a brand-new team, and Ziva left for dead (well, almost) in a far corner of the Middle East.

How can the current Season 7, perhaps the CBS show's best so far, live up to such drama? Executive producer Shane Brennan says we should already have some idea.

“The people who really watch the show, I can tell them right now that they have already seen the beginnings of the last episode,” he said in an interview with Fancast.

“We have already started the last episode. Let them puzzle over that.”

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What do the NCIS writers have up their sleeves this year?

That Brennan planted the seeds of the season finale plot somewhere within the first 12 episodes should be no surprise, given his philosophy on mapping out story arcs.

“If you [as a producer] get nervous toward the end of the season, you’re not doing your job,” he says. “Really, you need to be planning it out earlier than that. Luckily, we’ve got a bunch of creative writers who sit around and dream this stuff up.”

Any thoughts on the NCIS finale? Does it have something to do with Gibbs' legal adversary, introduced in the January 5 episode and tied somehow to the Colonel he busted?

That would be our best guess for now, as those two seem like they're out to bring down Gibbs personally. We welcome your feedback on this and any alternate theories.

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Shane Brennan has done an incredible job on NCIS and also NCIS LA.It seems like this has been the best year ever. Love Gibbs, of course, and also Sean Murray. He is looking quite thin. Maybe having two Taurus children have really kept him busy. Congraulations to him and his wife. Also love Abby. My favorite TV show ever.


I think Gibbs ex-mother-in-law is involved.


Since it has been hinted that the finale has already technically 'begun' I would definitely think that it had something to do with the colonel gibbs put in prison. And that the colonel is now trying to take him down. The end of the season will hopefully deal with the end of Hart (I don't care if she dies or leaves) and the issue of the 'unsolved' murder of Pedro Hernandez. Really, as long as none of the main team leaves the show I won't have a problem. But, seriously, they need to get rid of Hart. She's highly annoying.


They say a former agent that we haven't seen in awhile will be killed. I hope it isn't Mike Franks.


Hart and the colonel for some reason know about Gibbs killing the drug lord that murdered his wife and daughter. I'm thinking that the Hart is like the drug lord's daughter or something and Bell agreed to help her take down Gibbs' professionally and personally if she got him out of jail


Hope it's gonna be a Dinozzo orientated finale!


I think the finale's going to be about Hart and the colonel getting a real shot at bringing down Gibbs and the team rallying to save him from their machinations.


If someone gets killed off, let's hope it's Allison Hart. She's horribly smug and irritating.


No doubt it is the attorney and I dont like her smugness i am looking forward to Gibbs and the team bringing her down I believe it will take the team to rescue Gibbs this time


After last night's episode ("Masquerade") it's looking like you may be right. Up to that point, I was of the opinion that it was something to do with Vance and whatever secret op SecNav has in mind for him regarding Eli David and/or Mossad... but now I don't know what to think.

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