Sarah Drew Returning to Grey's Anatomy

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We've already seen a blonde Lexie in a sneak peek from the Valentine's Day episode of Grey's Anatomy. Now here's another new look at a (somewhat) familiar face.

Her character, April, was fired earlier this season, but Sarah Drew will be back on our favorite show during February 11's episode, called "Valentine's Day Massacre."

Here's her with Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd ...

Sarah Drew is Back

April (Sarah Drew) and Interim Chief Derek (Patrick Dempsey) on Grey's Anatomy.

So what is April doing at Seattle Grace? Insiders say her appearance is not a flashback, and she's clearly wearing a hospital uniform, so who knows. Does she somehow get hired back?

Your guess is as good as ours.

On a side Sarah note, the actress will be appearing on Supernatural this Thursday. Drew is also known for playing Sal's tragic wife/beard Kitty Romano on AMC's hit Mad Men.

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I am watching the most recent episode, "Sympathy For The Parents" right now at And I'm shocked to see "April" (ie. Sarah Drew) back on the floor as if she never got fired a few weeks ago for not checking that burn victim's lungs... and the woman got butchered for hours then died as a result. It was clear that she was fired, and the hospital's being ridden to downsize as they had twice the staff now and cuts were necessary. So. Here is my comment/opinion: This is my 1st season watching the show all the way through chronologically, though I've seen a lot of the episodes through the years. I love the characters, which is why I still watch. I still love the characters. At least the older ones. But I just got over the fact that clearly, at the end of last season, the finale WAS written to show that Izzy had died. I rewatched it, and clearly that was what had been meant to have been communicated. Now, she's still alive. No explanation; you just have to forget the context and shrug it off as, Well. So I guess they revived her after all. That I had to forgive. And everyone loves Izzy. It's not the same without her. Then this chick comes along from the other hospital, writing in her little red book. I do not like her character, or anything about her. She gets fired. And now she's suddenly back, no explanation? SLOPPY! SLOPPY screenwriting and storyboarding. This thing is starting to look as holey as swiss cheese. I'm a writer, and I'm appalled at the two huge jumps so soon together. It's rudeness for them to assume the audience is so hooked and idiotic that they don't have to even build a consistent tale. It's flippancy to the audience, and the pathetic part is, they are right. They could not have gotten away with this kind of editing negligence 2 decades ago. Where is the standard? Where the hell did any standard for excellence GO?!


Although i adore Derek i don't like him as chief , i want everything to return to the way it was!!!!!!!!! Derek and Meredith would love each other like before , izzie and allex would get back together and Richard would be chief again!!!!


The resident with the C-section was still there. She was the one who told Sloane ahe was having a boy . And a big YEAHHHH for continuity cos she was also the one who had the baby that Mer noticed was sick in 1-02


Yes the board wanted savings, the mistakes were a good excuse for firing residents who made mistakes. But is the resident whos harmed the baby when doing a c section back too? Ultimately it was the chief's who was responsible for his the way the hospital runs. Der needs to do reforms in the way patients are admitted into the ER, and how surgeries are allocated to residents and the invisible interns. Have to say I laughed when Bailey was telling the 3 residents not to let their interns pester the quarterback. Did I miss the interns anywhere?


i want izzie to come back and that all the mercy west people leave and everything comes back to normal exept for jorge because he died


tut tut to you all. Don't any of you remember the episode she got fired... Derek said it shouldn't have happened (not in so many words but hey) The chief said he needed to know who was responsible, and Derek basically said that he should look in the mirror, (although in more poetic McDreamy language of course!) so it doesnt suprise me at all that he would hire her back. She showed a lot of potential is a resident (coming up with better ideas than none other than the Lexipedia!) I think this should be really interesting. So far this season has been brilliant. So i shun all the haters lol.


Derek is rehiring people back that is bad, because Richard fired them because they killed patient who family could in turn sued the hospital for negligence so Richard did the right thing by firing both Izzie and April, even thought I give Izzie a pass since she is a cancer survivor and she came back way too soon after treatment but April has no excuse for making that mistake, it was basic. So I think Derek is making a mistake rehiring April. Anyway I think she sucked a Doctor. I don't get why the board is letting Derek rehire people if they were the ones on Richard to fired people. It wasn't Richard's idea to fired people it was the board putting pressure on Richard to save money. So really if you think about it Richard's judgment wasn't impaired on that occasion.


A new , Ellen pompeo on tvguide today is beatiful ,there's a vid on you tube.ENJOY, i'm sorry for this ,but where can i post this?


Katie I agree, hope Iz's return shows that nosedive up for what he is, a horrid man (to put it midly). If Der is rehiring ressidents, I would question his judgement a bit if he doesn't get some admin people back. The hospital running out of sterile equipment just shows how poorly run SGMWH is. Der must be able to do anything he likes to rehire residents who made errors that cost patients dearly. A bit of a challenge to the way Richard ran things, it kinda says that he made huge errors in judgement firng Iz etc Plz bring back syph nurse, at least she's a nurse that ahd a speaking role that we knew. Will what's her face and Iz be on some sort of probation? I'm beginning to think Iz won't be able to get a resident job elsewhere. Alex can't get all huffy with his wife if she can't persue her career elsewhere. Hopefully he'll remember what he's missing.


Yeah, I don't care...too busy staring at Derek in a suit...LOL. I don't understand why she's really back but I hope it isn't THAT permanent.

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