Sarah Drew Returning to Grey's Anatomy

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We've already seen a blonde Lexie in a sneak peek from the Valentine's Day episode of Grey's Anatomy. Now here's another new look at a (somewhat) familiar face.

Her character, April, was fired earlier this season, but Sarah Drew will be back on our favorite show during February 11's episode, called "Valentine's Day Massacre."

Here's her with Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd ...

Sarah Drew is Back

April (Sarah Drew) and Interim Chief Derek (Patrick Dempsey) on Grey's Anatomy.

So what is April doing at Seattle Grace? Insiders say her appearance is not a flashback, and she's clearly wearing a hospital uniform, so who knows. Does she somehow get hired back?

Your guess is as good as ours.

On a side Sarah note, the actress will be appearing on Supernatural this Thursday. Drew is also known for playing Sal's tragic wife/beard Kitty Romano on AMC's hit Mad Men.

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When I saw these on spoiler tv I was trying to figure out why she was back. I personally don't like her on Grey's and wouldn't like to see her return, as an actress. As a character I don't think she returned she killed someone because she was too busy gossiping, I mean seriously would Derek really hire someone back after that? Maybe she's his secretary..... I don't know lol


I already feel like we have one excess Mercy Wester - get rid of Charles Percy! - and I didn't like how passive-aggressive April was to Lexie so I really honestly hope she's not back. I realize she only got booted because she screwed up one case (so did Izzie) but I don't want either of them back. And how is Derek going to be able to hire them back when Richard couldn't keep them? Who's going to get cut to keep them? Though I guess since Izzie is skipping town again he only needs to make room for her. I'd have much rather he brought back Nurse Olivia - hey, if we really wanted Alex to backslide, he could hook up with Syph Nurse again!


Euck, Shonda is swerving sideways to get her actors back in GA. I only hope they continue in the background and don't become regulars that get included in the beginning of a seasons photo shoot.
Shonda plz don't hook up Alex with any MWers, couldn't bear it


Although I loved Sarah Drew as Hannah on Everwood and her appearance on Glee as Susie Pepper was cute, I don't think I like her as April. However since Derek said he'd hire Izzie back if he became chief, I don't think it's too far off base for hime to hire back April as well. I personally don't wish for that to happen but I think its a strong possibility considering the medical garb she's sporting.


Perhaps Derek re-emplies April,because he want change the Chief's changes.But ,as a mercy-character i don't want her again,she was mercy-western less.I don't happy for this new.

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