Sebastian Stan Lands Movie Role

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Gossip Girl recurring player (and real-life Leighton Meester boyfriend) Sebastian Stan will be starring in The Apparition, a new horror flick, with Ashley Greene.

The story, which is supposedly inspired by true events, centers around a young couple haunted by a supernatural presence unleashed in a college experiment.

Ashley, who many fans know is also stars in Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight saga in 2010, supposedly had a fling with Chace Crawford in the fall.

As for when we'll get our Carter Baizen fix on Gossip Girl, it's unclear if he'll be back this year. But you know it's just a matter of time until he surfaces again.

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Sebastian Stan is coming to the big screen!

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Luke Pasqualino (freddie from skins) is also going to be in this! im so excited. I love all of them.


how excitinggg!!!!! i also hope its a great success... him and leighton are so cute togethere.. they will have the hottest babies!! also ashley greene is a starrr!! i love her in twilight and defs a great fit for chace


I hope it's going to be a success for him. Sebastian is very talented and he deserves it.


he is Romanian like me :)
...pround of him...xoxo


GOSH! i love him! I Hope it's gonna be big hit!


@Meester.Lively, they've been together....for awhile now! they're sooo cute together! ;)


cool! so are him and leighton dating!? I've herd that they are many times before but she never talks about him, plus she wrote a song w/ the lyrics "Is there somebody to love?" and said it applied to her life.
anyways, i would see the movie but ever since Freddy vs. Jason I've sworn off horror movies!haha :P oh and follow me on twitter: @sabrinaisonline


good for him
and Ashley Greene is one hot actress!!! Love her as Alice :)


im happy for him, hope this movie gonna be a big hit for him ^^ sebastian played in spread recently, and black swan, hot tub time new machine coming soon


i find this a bit strange.... you guys do know that he has been in other movies right?


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