Shonda Rhimes Previews Grey's Anatomy Valentines Day Episode

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The last new episode of Grey's Anatomy was an all-inclusive holiday bonanza. Next month, the show will get into a festive mood once again in its first-ever Valentine’s Day episode.

The big plans? Derek and Owen have a double date in mind. Cute, right?

It might be, except that “Meredith is not a Valentine’s Day girl, and neither is Cristina,” creator Shonda Rhimes tells TV Guide, “so the guys will try to force them to enjoy the holiday.”

Celebrating Valentine's Day more willingly? Callie and Arizona!

The two "go out on a date and exchange gifts at four o’clock because they know they’ll be in the ER in the evening,” then play cupid for Bailey and anesthesiologist Ben Warren.

The new character, played by hunky actor Jason George, will (according to Shonda) give our workaholic Nazi “a little bit of lovin’” and we can't wait to see how that plays out!

Doctor Bailey Pic

Looks like romance is on the not-too-distant horizon for Bailey!

What about for intriguing newcomer Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams)?

“I think he’s adorable, but he’s not ready for that,” says Rhimes. “There’s a sense of the audience not knowing where he’s going to land, and I’d like to keep it that way awhile.”

Turning our attention to Izzie-less Alex, Rhimes hints that he’ll “find his own way to amuse himself quite adequately.” NOTE: By amuse himself, she means with another person.

Speaking of Izzie, what's the deal with all the coming and going? Is Katherine Heigl's schedule and her character's future something anyone is even clear on at this stage?

“As writers, we’ve had to be creative with having Katie for such a limited time,” Shonda said of Heigl. “Maternity leave is maternity leave, and it’s a choice I fully support.”

Rhimes adds that she doesn't know when Heigl will be back full time. As you probably know, Alex hooks up with someone this week - at least the new promo suggests it!

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I did correct myself about it being Lex who does the blond look From what I read of an EP interview, EP is unlikely to extend her GA contract. Family life and doing up houses will be her occupying her time. I think Shonda is already hinting at this when she says that everyone(Ellen) leaves at some time


They need to cut Chyler Leigh altogether. She's a HORRIBLE actress, and a complete waste of time/space. Her character takes away from time that could be spent on the other characters. Ax her already. Geez! As for Alex and Izzie, they need to bring them back together. They're a good couple. I hear that Patrick Dempsey considers himself to be more a movie star than a TV star. In what universe is he living? Please...he can carry Grey's, but not a movie. He's not a leading man/feature film actor. I also hear that Ellen Pompeo feels entitled to her role and could care less about it. That it's more of a bother for her; that she's barely grateful for this amazing opportunity. How dumb is that? It's still a great show, but so glad they got rid of that cry-baby T.R. Knight. Poor guy; he'll never do anything again. He has no star or staying power. He really screwed himself by whining so much about leaving Grey's. And I wonder how many Lifetime movies these actors will do in subsequent years, once Grey's ends. hahaha!


I cannot wait for this episode. I think it's a great idea and thinking back, I'm surprised it was never done before. I love all the couples for once. I am pretty much most excited to see Arizona and Callie together and then having them play cupid. I think they are the best part of the show for me right now. They are hillarious and have dealt with some universal relationship themes that affect everyone. Season 6 has been incredible in my opinion, over all, so I'm sure this will be just one more amazing episode to add to the list this year. Thanks Shonda and crew!


I think that I know the perfect title for this valentine's day show on Grey's Anatomy. I think that title should be "When a Man Loves a Woman."


Katie -
Mark is about 36 and Lexie is about 25 making them 11 years apart. Sloan was born when he was 18, Sloan is now 18, so he has to be 36. And Lexie is about 25 since she said last season she was 24. So the age difference is there but it's not crazy big, IMO. I know couples who are now married and about 10 years apart.
I also don't see the age difference with Mark and Lexie when I'm watching them, maybe as Derek's mom put it, he needs young since he's got the emotional maturity of a horny 15 year old! lol I LOVE Mark and Lexie and I hope they make it through the Addison and Alex and Sloan drama!!!


With what I saw in the epsiode "Blink" when Christina told Teddy to take Owen, and what I have been reading in about this valentine's day show, does this mean that Owen and Christina will be together? I believe that they should end up together and I probadly always will.


Well I don't agree with Jo because I think callie and Arizona are adorable. But Jo never said anything about not liking them cause they are gay. I'm gay and I don't think her comments warrented a glaad moment. Just not her fav couple, like Owen and xtina for me. Eew.


to jo- Oh yeah?! i knew you'd say that. all the i'm -allowed-to-say-whatever-i-wanna-say stuff. anyway, if you feel offended or something about my previous comment i apologize, but i just wanna tell you something. GLAAD ad.
words can be a powerful weapon
please choose them carefully because what you say matters
when you tell a homophobic joke or use an anti gay slur, you're speading prejudice and you can be hurting someone close to you without even realizing it...


I'll just start somewhere:
Mer/Der: I don't think it matters what problems occur between these two: they've come too far to fail. I mean, really, their whole path up until now has been full of rocks. They've proven they can last - they're never apart for long. These two aren't going anywhere.
Owentina: I think Teddy might be a slight issue but I think Owen's shown that his heart is with Cristina. But they're a weird couple. I don't know about them.
Alex/Izzie: Frankly, I think they're done. Which is a shame, because Alex was finally on his way to becoming a person. All Alex ever gets is abuse, it's what makes him make questionable decisions and he finally starts to make some progress and Izzie breaks him. I loved the Alex/Izzie wedding but apparently Izzie doesn't value marriage that much if she'd going to throw it away over this. This was something I'd have expected more out of Cristina - cut all ties and go to the best program that'd have her. I tried really hard to like Izzie, because frankly once she started having sex with George I got real tired of her. The Denny sex was just weird. I've had it with Izzie. If Katherine Heigl left the show I would not be upset.
Calzona: These two are cute, but I'm still not really feeling them as a couple. It seems really one-sided to me; Callie fought for Arizona to date her and now it seems like Arizona's really the only one "all in". I'm hoping this is kind of like the Mer/Der romance that Arizona can help Callie grow up.
Mexie: They were cute, but I never thought it would last. Lexie's like, what? 25? And Mark has to be at least 40...he was starting to hit on girls when she was an infant. That's too weird for me; he's finally to the point where he wants forever and she's still young and there's a lot of pressure - I think Lexie wants forever eventually but Mark may not wait for her.
I'm very excited Bailey is going to be rewarded for her sacrifice; it seems like it's been a long time coming. I think her husband was an ass for not understanding the commitment she made to her career.
Teddy - she's too new for me to really decide how I feel about her. But it sounds like she's here to stay. I'm wondering if she's going to be Mark's McRebound. But not sure.
Jackson - I think it's cool he's into Cristina, but I don't think anything's going to come of it. Cristina doesn't strike me as a cheater, so unless it ends with Owen I can't see this happening. I can't see Owentina ending soon either.
Reed - I'd love to see her dry Alex's tears. But Izzie may have already screwed him up too badly, so we'll see.


to belle- listen i don't have to like every couple on grey's anatomy. i said in my comments that i'm not a lesbian hater. i just simply hate callie and arizona. i hate their characters seperately and together. luckily the show mostly focuses on main relationships like merder, cristina and owen, alex and izzie etc- lets face it- callie and arizona don't really have many storylines. i'm entitled to my opinion JUST LIKE U ARE.

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