Should Heroes Be Renewed for a Fifth Season?

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Its ratings are historically low for a network drama, but its small fan base is passionate.

Moreover, DVD sales and international viewership for remains strong.

For these reasons, and because NBC is run by a group of people dumber than the cast of Jersey Shore, there's a chance Heroes will return for a fifth season. But should it?

This website has been intensely critical of the show's slow-moving, illogical plots and lack of character development. Many readers have taken issue with our reviews, though a handful have also started to agree more and more as the weeks (and terrible episodes) go on.

Peter and Sylar

But enough from us. What do you think? Should NBC renew the series for another season?

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I am on season3 of heroes and im addicted to it i really hope they make a new season and fix the problems i hear they have and get to work


Dylan, I'm a good example of someone who hasn't seen the show until a month ago on Netflix. I started on season 2 because my fiance was just watching and she got me into it. We watched all the way into episode 17 of season 3. Then we started watching season 1 to catch up. I actually found it very entertaining without watching season 1. But when I saw season 1 I realized some of things they've done wrong. I was still enterained but I was a little upset to see characters like Adam, Arthur, Elle, Maury and Bob got killed so easily and to quick for them to develop into the full potential of there characters. But interesting enough I did find it better then some of the shows that are on TV today. It's certainly different then any show out their. But I can see after season one how some people could get upset with some of the decisions that Tim and his writers made.


I tolerated the story this far, but the whole "Hiro on Trial by a Dead Jury/Judge" thing was just too much, even for a show like Heroes. Yet another "death" hinted at that did not stick or push through (of course, I'd hate for Hiro to die, but there's already too much uncertainty in the show). I do hope they get renewed for another season but only to give Tim Kring a chance to close out the series on his own terms, and to give back to the loyal fanbase. You can't deny that Heroes is a landmark show, and I'd hate for this season to be its last. I just hope Tim and the writers take a good hard look at the past seasons and re-discover what made the show truly great back then.


love the diss on jersey shore!

Matt richenthal

I'm basing that on the Comments to the last two Review posts. Some are very upset, others say they respect my views and most certainly agree the show has become terrible.


While this season is not nearly as bad as this website makes it out to be, it does have some substantial flaws. 1. The pacing is much too slow, especially since the show returned after Xmas. Season 2 had the same problem, so they ramped up the action for season 3, but at the cost of logical storytelling. 2. Too much Sylar and Claire, just b/c these are the most popular actors on the show, they are so overexposed. I really don't like the current Sylar storyline. We've seen a remorseful Sylar in season 3 and it only kinda worked then b/c it made sense that Angela Petrelli would be manipulative enough to figure out Sylar's one weakness (the mommy card.) 3. Hiro is a wasted character. His tumor storyline had so much potential, but they keep writing him as too silly. He's completely lost the heroic nobility he developed in season 1. I think right now the show is problematic because the writers are playing things too safe after the abysmal season 3. If the writers could balance action with logical character development and find a comfortable pacing then the show should come back.


how many more have started to agree? Perhaps one week you should get a reviewer who has never watched the show before and tell them nothing beforehand--just would be interesting to see their personal reaction to the quality of the show.


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[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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