Smallville Sneak Peek: Photos from "Absolute Justice"

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After more than two months off the air, Smallville returns with a new episode tonight.

But the installment "Disciple" only serves as an appetizer for the main course: next week's special, two-hour, Justice Society of America-themed "Absolute Justice."

Fans have been buzzing about this movie-like episode for months. You can check out a trailer for it NOW.

In a recent interview, show star Justin Hartley says this week's episode leads nicely into next week's blockbuster:

"One thing that is touched on in the episode is really how everybody in the burgeoning “league” under Watchtower is really working on their own and very separately. They aren’t coalescing the way they really need to be, as a team. That leads in nicely to “Absolute Justice.”

The CW, meanwhile, has released a set set of photos from the installment. Click on each below for a closer look at scenes from "Absolute Justice."

Unmasked Hawkman
Clark and Stargirl
Absolute Justice Scene
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