Taylor Momsen: F*%k Being a Role Model!

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Taylor Momsen has been on a roll with the quotes lately.

A week ago, her apparent indifference to Haiti made news. Now in an article in Britain’s Times Online, she shares her feelings on being a role model.

Specifically, how she's not at all interested in being one.

"To be honest, I don't f---ing care," the 16-year-old said. "I didn't get into this to be a role model. So I'm sorry if I'm influencing your kids in a way that you don't like, but I can't be responsible for their actions. I don't care."

T-Moms in the House

Taylor Momsen doesn't shy away from speaking her mind.

Also of note, Taylor "exclusively hangs out with people older than her" and gets to wear so much cool, expensive designer fashion as a result. As the Times puts it, "Totally emancipated teen with the coolest life ever, or what?"

We're going to have to go with the "what" option there.

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All you judgmental pricks need to shut the fuck up. So what if she's a celebrity? She's still human. Do you think it's her job to go around pleasing people like every other fake-ass celebrity with no regard for her own thoughts? Oh right, you're all perfect human beings, sitting on your asses typing hate messages that Taylor Momsen won't ever read.


She is a role model, when you really think about it. Sure, she isn't perfect and sure, she does a lot of things that teenagers are taught they shouldn't do, but try to name ONE perfect teenager. I'm a little older than her now and no longer a teenager, but her attitude says to me that young women should be comfortable with who they are not conform to idealistic pressure and unrealistic goals. I feel as though a teenager looking at her style and reading about her in the tabloids is more likely to realise it's okay for them to make mistakes and be who they are, expressing it however they want as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. Honestly, I don't think she will turn good girls into cursing, smoking rock chicks. But girls who are already cursing, smoking rock chicks on the inside won't feel so guilty about not being "perfect" like people around them pretend to be. People who try hard to be perfect harbour guilt when they screw up, and that leads to all sorts of awful problems like stress, depression and so on. She was forced into the biz at the age of TWO. She didn't chose this life. Nearly every teen feels the exact same way about whatever life/situation they're in.


i think taylor momsen should have the liberty do what what she feels is right, we cant force her to be anybody but herself and if anything i look up to her for breaking away from the 16 year old stereotype. who cares that she said fuck? fuck.fuck.fuck! and as far as smoking? who gives a fuck? (yeah i said it again, for you benefit) douches.


I would just like to know who would like to be like her? Who in their right minds would look up to her?


she should have not said Fucking or fuck or whatever i get the fact that she does want to be a more mature actress i just wished she said something more appropriate then cursing on a charity fund or event where almost so many people died she has no respect for the dead


I'm her age, and even I can see she's a little brat who thinks she's mature. Mature people know they still have a lot of growing up to do.


this is absolutely ridiculous! she shoulndt be responsible for the little kids doing what she does. why should they even?! oh the back of the gossip girl books it says ages 14+ (or something along those lines) what parent would let them watch that show?! yes i am 16 but still, you have to see my point here. shes a teenager, teenagers do teenage like things! let her be a teenager not some cocky & prissy OMG!MY-NAIL-IS-BROKEN-MY-WORLD-JUST-FELL-APART girls. god damn people give it up! all of the parents just dont let your kids see the show and they wont be influenced! shes an actor she doesnt have to be Jenny Humphry 24-7! just when there shooting the show! shes not going to be the 34D cups that jenny is so why should she try to fill them?!


People need to serious calm the fuck down. She's 16 for crying out loud. At least she's speaking her mind instead of creating a false version of herself just to suit the needs of these parents who are clueless to how there teenages really act. As a 16 year old myself I would like to say Taylor momsen is an absolute legend and she must be pretty smart to be on the position she is at such a young age. Btw- your daughters were sluts and whores before Taylor and still will be after. Stop trying to find people to blame in on and look back on your parenting skills




This is very disappointing. She's a gorgeous girl and the fact that she doesn't even care about the young girls who, whether she wants them to or not, look up to her totally ruins peoples view of her. I agree with someone who earlier said she signed up to be a role model and if she wants to be in the business she has to care what people think of her because if she doesn't then no one will care about her anymore. She just need to think before she talks. She is still veeery young.


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