The Art of Deception: A Second Opinion on Heroes

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After reviewing yet another inane Heroes episode this week, I've received a few pats on the back for my honesty and courage - and a few insults hurled at my mother.

People really seem to take this historically-low rated, utterly nonsensical TV show seriously!

Because I feel an insecure need to defend my honor as a critic, and because I wish to give readers a second opinion, I've tracked down the most recent review from Entertainment Weekly, perhaps the most respected publication in the industry.

What did author Darren Franich think of "The Art of Deception?" Read his full take here and check out the excerpts below:

On Lydia's death: She might just be the most ridiculous character in Heroes history. Using her amazing powers of empathy, she spent the first half of this season as the show’s umpteenth variation on premonition dreams and 9th Wonders!: She told Samuel what to do, and he would do it, not because it made dramatic sense but because that was what the tattoos told him he should do.

[Her] lack of emotion made her actions inexplicable and her character arc illegible. She kind of had the hots for amnesiac Sylar, or maybe it was all a ruse. She kind of didn’t trust Samuel, but she never did anything to move against him.


On Peter's storyline: Peter saw Sylar rescuing Emma in his dream. Or anyways, he saw Sylar run into the Hall of Mirrors and say, “I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you.” He went to see his mom, who’s still freakishly obsessed with Nathan even after death. She was agonizing over his headstone, and admiring a portrait of him. Adrian Pasdar grinned at us, as if to say, “Don’t worry, kids, I’m in a better place: Not on Heroes.!”

On the carnival: Am I the only one who thought that the Carnival was supposed to be, like, the main plotline of this season? So little has really happened with the Carnival, and what little has is of no interest to anyone but people who live at the Carnival.

Samuel Sullivan wants to do something more than lurk around corners and hand out compasses to anyone who comes his way. Could this mean… viewers, could this mean that next week, something might actually happen?

On a sidenote: Does anyone have any idea how much time is passing in this season? Some storylines seem to crawl forward about one day at a time, while other stories seem to take week-long leaps. I like the idea that the entire action of this season has taken place over a particularly eventful fortnight. Remember Season One, when we knew exactly how far away we were from the Congressional election?

On Sylar's storyline: Sylar was visiting Parkman for two reasons, one of them stupid and one of them stupid. You would think that stupid plus stupid equals less stupid, but the equation of stupidity is more complex than that.

I should note that this episode may have actually been taking place in an alternate reality, since there are no basements in California. That fact took me two seconds to look up online, but as we all know, the Windowless Writers’ Room at Heroes HQ doesn’t get any internet.

Could it be that Peter and Sylar will have a showdown… inside Sylar’s brain? That would be the coolest thing since never.

On Tracy: Also, Tracy Strauss made an appearance. This ends the Tracy Strauss portion of the recap. Check back here next week for more fun Tracy Strauss news!

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Yeah I'll admit there have been quite a few mistakes over the previous few seasons but it's hardly been all bad. I think perhaps the biggest problem is the repeated cycle of trying to reset things 'back to normal' at the begining of each season. Of the unfortunatly few people who I know who watch the show their biggest caveat is they want the main characters to work togethor not spend the 1st three quaters of the season running around doing their own thing they need to break out of this cycle and volume 6 really gives them the oppertunity to do just that, I just hope they seize it.


i have been watching this for 4 years and i can't believe how god awful this season has become...the worst, its a shame, this show had talent then all it did was create a circus....horrible


I keep waiting for Peter to get his powers back. The worst thing they ever did was take away all of his powers. This season sucks and I keep watching out of habit and hoping it turns around. Just when I think it might go somewhere, the show does inane shit like having a trial in a diner.


Why don't you shut the fuck up, week after week you sit here and trash it...this is a sight that's supposed to be for people who like the show so why don't you hand it over to somebody else you miserable person. Seriously if you hate the show so much stop using this site as an excuse to watch it. Deep down inside you do still like it I bet. What you said about Peter makes no sense and if anything what I'd be upset about is how he should get his damn powers back. Samuel is one of the best characters on the show. Lidia though I wasn't a huge fan, did go against Samuel when she told hero what was going on, and tried to have claire rid samuel of their lives. I think the only reason you still review is so people will actually pay attention to you. You probably have no friends and no life and seeing people get angry over your posts is probably the highlight of your day and one more reason out of the very few to not kill yourself. Get a life you loser. Oh and by the way two things about the basement in California, 1. My uncle lives there and has a basement and two there are many winery's in california which in fact have basements you moron.


So I guess this person reviewing the show has brain damage or doesn't follow the story? You're missing the point! Arrgh! I do want another season, if only because it's pure escapism and there's nothing quite like it on television - the so-called nonsense is really quite fascinating, and stylistically, it's a brilliant show. The script is in dire need of fixing, but the talent is there - the plot is good, just need to fix the dialogue.


heroes is my fav. show, i've seen every episode. I'm still waiting for Peter's scar! WTF! Kring said he'd reveal how he gets it. WTF! I LOVE HEROES!


actually, though we can't compare this seasons with the previous ones, i think this hasn't been that bad... i love samuel's character, and the whole story around him, what i really didn't like, was that horrible girl gretchen, in previous episodes when claire and peter were talking about wes, i thought he'd came back to the show, and i was so excited but well... oh and killing nathan was a terrible mistake... but oh well... the thing is that you shouldn't be talking so bad about heroes, i actually think you're being sort of ridiculous, and i say this with all the possible respect.. but it's kinda lame for you to do that.


@ M.L. House : I knew that you would say yes! However I do agree with you on the changes. FYI I used to be like some of the people here I used to hate when you posted negative reviews about Heroes but I kind of thank you now for opening my eye and seem thing for what they are.


What's happened to Heroes is particularly sad, this once great show has now become a shambolic mess of Bush Administration proportions. The truth is, I had blind faith in Heroes for too long and I think we all love the potential of the show more than the actual. My faith has been tested on many occasions on this show (G@y Parkman, Peter hugging his dead dad with villains around, the whole Nathan dead thing, etc) but this last episode was the straw that broke the camel's back. The real kicker is how inept the writing and producing is on this show, for instance, we know that Sylar's inert power is to know how things work, so, if Parkman could indeed cure him, he could take his power (and before you shout that he's not a murderer, I would like to kindly remind you r-tards that Sylar said he could always take them empathically, he just like killing) and just do the power wiping himself? He would do it better cuz he would know how to weild the power better than Parkman. I know it's easy for us Net geeks to be over critical on every plot point and arc on tv shows, but the truth is, shows should never introduce a skill that can solve a problem, but then when the same problem occurs, not one character or plot point considers using the skill that worked before. This basically shows us that not one character has grown through the four series. Think of every character and they are still doing the same thing, wanting the same thing and reacting the same. Take a colossus such as Lost and I challenge you to argue to me that any character still on the show is the same as they were in the first series. You know why that is? It's because, like in real life, people grow and learn from their experiences. I don't give a damn how premonition in dreams shows you that Sylar says I'm here to save you, this is the same mofo that killed your bro, tried to kill your loved ones and you!! A smart person would take Sylar's power while he was unconcious and do it himself. All in all, this show is completey Lost in a bad way lol Rant over...


I used to like Heroes... loved season 1... this season sucks donkey poop. Plot sucks (or lack of one), characters stink, it seems all have regressed. This show is more aptly named FOOLS or IDIOTS than HEROES > Sylar is about the only one left that is decent and even he wanted out... I hope it end soon to put me out of my misery. Been a loyal fan and can't help but watch the end, each week I watch and each week I ask myself why do I do it? Maybe it's cause I like the pain...

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