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The Simpsons Review: "Thursdays with Abie"

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Maybe it's because of our love of Grandpa Simpson's rambling, heavily exaggerated stories, or they fact they remind us of our own grandfather, but we really liked this week's episode of The Simpsons, "Thursdays with Abie."

The episode focused on Grandpa, who finally found someone interested in his ramblings: a human interest journalist named Marshall. As Grandpa grew famous, the plot turned more sinister, with Homer having to step in to help save his father.

Grandpa and Marshall

The strength of the story came from Grandpa's stories, and Homer's amazing attempt at one at the end involving a flower named Godzilla that went on to tour the nation as the Rolling Stones.  Homer's bonding with his father was very sweet as well.

Meanwhile, the B story focused on Bart being forced to go on an adventure with the class stuffed animal, Larry the Lamb.  While not as strong as Grandpa's storyline, Larry the Lamb led to some funny moments by some of our favorite supporting characters Chief Wiggum, Agnes, and Nelson.

Overall, we're going to give the episode a B for being heavy on the sweet, and a little light on the humor.  Now for some of our favorite Simpsons quotes from the episode:

Lisa: hief, my brother fell in the storm drain!
Clancy: I'm strictly an above the ground policeman, what you need is the sewer cops.
Lisa: Fine, what's the number?
Wiggum: Lisa, you're old enough now that I can tell you the truth. There's no such thing as sewer cops. It's just something we tell the kids to feel safe.
Lisa: What about Bart?
Wiggum: Well if you miss him, you can yell into a toilet. | permalink
Ralph: Clouds are God's sneezes. | permalink
Grandpa: That's how I got my idea for a suitcase with wheels: from a commercial for a suitcase with wheels. | permalink
Grandpa: Why don't we let Homer tell the story.
Homer: Really, me? You mean it?
Grandpa: I think you're ready for your first ramble.
Homer: I've been waiting for this day for so long. The year is 1946, and in a world torn, a single flower blooms and that flower is an angry Japanese monster named Godzilla. How am I doing dad?
Grandpa: I'm hanging on every word. | permalink

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